Returned after a long stretch away...

Hello again, 


So I was a member back in 2008/9 I think, just before heading off to uni I bought myself a MK1 Dakar. Then picked myself up a Mitsubishi FTO and used that for the motorway miles back and forth to uni, unfortunately on the way home for xmas the FTO blew the head gasket… queue a 4hr trip into closer to 10hrs! Once home I realised the FTO was pretty much a write off and decided to crack on with digging out the mx5 from the parents garage… it’s only been in there for about 8 years so we expected a bit of a battle. 

It’s not quite on the road yet, combination of holiday trip and managing to slip a disc in my back… anyway hopefully both mx5 and my back will be back on the road middle of next month! 





Welcome back to driving an MX5. Good luck with the final preparation and MOT. It’s good news that another Mk1 will be back on the road soon.  

How did the long stretch go? 



Or just blowing a gasket?

Welcome back