Returning after 20 years - back in a Mk1

Been a while since I was last a member of the OC - 20 years in fact!

Have just posted in “Readers Rides” about my new to me 1992 mk1 SE after looking for one for a very long time.

Looking forward to enjoying the car and make use of all the knowledge on here to fix a few bits.

I doubt anyone is still here from my last visit, We used to be quite active on runs all over the UK and was an honorary member of “team MM” even though we had a black car. Susan Duncan in her California kept everyone on track and Si Dewey from Hull used to keep,us amused

I’d forgotten just how small these cars are now


Well I remember Sue Duncan (Queen Bee) and Simon Dewey (mariner blue turbo?). And the Mariner Menace. I was one of the Silver Bonds. Welcome back.

Blimey! Didn’t think anyone would still be around - that’s great, and their forum names too

Team MMmx5 tatton


Great to see those pics - do you still have the Team MM windscreen sticker?

Sue Duncan is still very much active (although not with a 5 at the moment) in the S2000 scene but shes also still a member with the forum name: Suzybee. I will mention this post to her when i see her.

Brilliant news - be good to say hello!

Yeah, I’m still around. Not many people call me Susan though. Who are you Mk1-SE?
Harco is right - I don’t have a '5 these days, I have a yellow Honda S2000 which I love.
Enjoy your new car! Queen Bee was the car though. I am Suzybee!

I remember that national rally. The Californias lined up as well.

Hi Susan😜

This is going back a very long time - we are Matt & Laura from Basingstoke - we used to have a Black and Tan SE back in the day when you had your cali’s with all the bees!

Was working at Vodafone back then, but had to sell when our son was born - he’s all grown up now and I’ve finally been able to track another SE down

Hi Matt

Yes of course I remember you both. That’s lovely you’ve got another MX-5. I’ve had 4 altogether. Queen Bee (the California), a yellow 1.8 Arizona, a Le Mans, and a lovely green mark 3.5 with an opening hard top. But as I only have 2 spaces in the secure car park here I can’t buy another MX-5. My S2000 is Queen Bee 2.

What was your son called? I can’t believe he’s grown up now!

I hope to see you at an event next year. The club is very good, they let me bring my S2k along! Sue

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