Reversing camera advice pls

Well I use the rear view mirror, both door mirrors and look over my shoulder when reversing so a camera isn’t essential.

However having one adds an extra level of safety. Try getting a good old fashioned dustbin and placing it a couple of feet from your back bumper. Sit in the driver’s seat and use all the options mentioned above to check for obstructions. Can’t see it can you? Admittedly not much chance of anyone standing a dustbin behind your car and it can’t move by itself.

What if that dustbin was an inquisitive toddler…


or as happened to me previously , a kids bike that had just been dropped there , impossible to see.


Watched a neighbour across the road shatter the rear bumper of his Zafira doing exactly the same thing. Bike ended up a strange shape too.


I did back into my dustbin one day.:angry:

Got rear sensors on the car too. They started bleeping but I nudged the bin.:grimacing:

No damage done but the trouble is I had at the time plants sort of overhanging the driveway plus the hedge needed trimming. When that happens I normally have to trim at least the narrowest part of the drive as it sets the sensors off.
A few times I’ve actually got out of the car (daily driver) to check there wasn’t anything at the rear, just plants overhanging. In this situation apart from the obvious, trim my bushes😄 it would be good to have a camera back there.
I always drive out in the NC, reverse in so I can at least see if there’s an obstruction better that way.

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Well done Ian,

Your comment…

Combination of camera and sensors when reversing into a tight garage are very helpful’.

That actually answers the question I was going to pose to you. Will the sensors still work when I installed the MX Parts Reverse camera?

All looks very daunting with the fitting. Time to open the box…

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You may find the instructions for the kit I previously produced useful. Very similar to the kit from MX-5 parts.

One tip for getting the cable from cabin to boot. Put a bright LED torch in the boot in the area where the cable needs to be and poke through from the cabin towards the light.

You can download my instructions here - Dropbox - Instructions.pdf - Simplify your life

Hi Roadie,

Thank you very much for the file.
I let you know how I get on.



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Hi Paul,

I note on your profile picture you have side lights fitted. I was thinking of buying some illuminated smoke finish with amber bulbs.
Yes you guess the next line…are they difficult to fit?

If you are talking about the ones in the wheel arches they just clip in. Mine were fitted by the previous owner and are just used as reflectors not wired in to anything. Wiring them would be a bit of a pain but fitting not too difficult. Need to remove a couple of fittings on the arch liner to get behind to spring the blanks out.

If you want to wire them up I can give you some ‘instructions’.

Instructions from someone who by their own description is mad? Is this wise? What could possibly go wrong?