Rick Stein, Google Earth and an MX-5

Seems to be a case of the Tom Jones syndrome!

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Google are tracking all MX-5s!

Not just the number plates, the faces are also visible… only if you go into the parking area, they ran the software to smudge these for the road, but not in the parking

Am I the only one who went and checked the MOT history, to find it was as rotten as a peach and is probably no more now.

Image captured in May 2015. Presumably after the 20th May, as it failed on busted springs, rotted sill and aseized front brake in March of that year, and didn’t pass for 2 months.

No one noticed that Google has blurred out the Cornwall sticker, rather than the plate. Cornish Separatists would be up in arms.

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There’s an old saying

“If you need to explain a joke… it ain’t funny”


It seems they try to blur all faces and number plates but miss some, exploring the street view images local to this car I see they miss a lot of them.

New V5 issued on 22 December 2020, and is on SORN, so may reappear one day

My MX-5 was a 69 plate, but I replaced it with a 68 plate.

I was born in 1968, in case anybody is wondering. :slight_smile:

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Funnily enough, GooglieView has me, having reversed the Sport out it’s lock up, chewing the fat with a neighbour and you can clearly see it’s me…zero fudging and him too. He’s a " ( cough) druggy hunting cop" though. :wink:
Canny say I’m bothered either.

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It’s also parked in a disabled space, before you attack me that disability’s can be hidden, my late wife had MS and I fully understand all the shite that goes on.

Don’t think anyone thought that was worth remarking on.