Ride height issue Mk3.5 2.0 Sport Tech PRHT

Hi all, looking for some advice, I am trying to sort out the ride height on my 2009 Mk3.5 Sport Tech PRHT. I recently had new front arms fitted as all the bushes were perished. Also a refurbed front subframe was fitted at the same time. As a result of all this work the front ride height is now significantly higher than before the work was done. The rear suspension is markedly lower though, 34 cm from wheel centre to underside of wheel arch, compared to 38cm at the front. I wondered if the rear springs were sagging causing it to squat at the back, however I remembered the car had a replacement n/s/r spring in 2022 and the rear height is equal both sides, so is unlikely. All the suspension is stock. I’ve been thinking about adjustable coilovers to try and rectify the problem but as most of them available will be lower than standard even on their highest setting, and with it already fairly low at the back I might run into problems with the back sitting way too low. Could it be the rear trailing arms that have caused the back to sag, and if so which of them are to blame? Or is it something else like maybe worn dampers? The car is not bottoming out, and the handling seems ok, it just looks all wrong from the side view (see pic). Any thoughts would be welcome, thanks!

It does look lower at the rear, have you or the previous owner had lowering springs fitted, what dampers are fitted, Bilsteins are the standard for the Sport Tech?

My only thoughts, when the front bushes were changed have they torqued up the bolts with the suspension hanging? The weight of the car should sit with the wheels on the ground before the final torque up or it’ll sit high.


Thanks for the reply. As far as I know all the springs are standard. The dampers are Bilsteins yes. When the nsr spring was replaced the garage would have fitted a standard replacement I’m assuming as they would have been unaware if a shortened spring was already fitted. The ride height at the back is equal both sides. I had the front arms checked by an independent garage and they couldn’t find anything wrong.

Does the front end feel bouncy? I agree with mick, unless they’ve put incorrect springs or shocks then you might find they didn’t clock the bushings under the full weight of the car.

Not that I can feel, no. All the springs and dampers at the front have not been replaced. The only other thing I forgot to say was there was no comments on the last MOT about the rear suspension other than drop links which were replaced. The height at the rear hasn’t altered at all

If you look on Autotrader adverts and search your model/year and take a look at the ride height of those.
In my opinion having seen plenty of these cars (no way an expert on suspension) your car appears lowered at the rear but looks like a standard height Sport Tech should be at the front.
Conclusion, it’s had incorrect springs fitted to the rear to those at the front or whoever has fitted bushings to the front end hadn’t torqued up those correctly.
If you’re not happy then take it to a MX-5 related garage for an expert eye cast over it, depends on your location as to where👍

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I have a side on pic of my car when it was dead standard and on low mileage shocks and springs if you’d like a reference. Even the sport techs sit a little high in my opinion but the earlier cars seem even higher.


Just messing :joy:.
Here you go.

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Thanks for the comments guys, something that needs further looking into :thinking:


Just a chance the arms were tightened up on a 4 point lift without the hubs being loaded. this will cause the rubber bushes to have too much load on them and could cause premature wear.
Go back to where you had them fitted and get it checked out.

Thanks for the advice, I will have to get it checked