Roadster Robbie To The Rescue

after some plank managed to lock his keys in the boot - plank would like to say a big thank you for rescuing me. I’ll never be able to look at a paper clip in the same way again (long story)

id also like to say thanks to Darren & his son Michael for the generous offer to drive me home to pick up the spares.

Both chaps when offered thanks just shrugged and said “that’s all part of being in the owners club”

Thanks & a big thumbs up

Ian & Ni 

Hi Plank,
we were a couple of cars away from you & while sympathy was of no use to you we tried to make the right noises while mr Green Flag was in attendance

Hi Joe actually we weren’t the ones that called greenflag, I didn’t have that option. I guess I wasnt the only one to make that daft mistake today. Thankfully Roadster Robbie managed to sort us out

so that’s 2 folk who locked their keys in to boot then… :wink: I wasn’t the other but I know who had the Green Flag out - although the Green Flag man got into the cabin he could not get into the boot without the help of a member with a paper clip so I understand. All sorted in the end :slight_smile:

All MX5s should come with a blow up Roaster Robbie in their boot. 

I have a similar boot/key related problem.


My habit is unlocking the boot with the key, fiddling in the boot and then walking off, leaving key in boot.


Lost count of the number of times I’ve done it…

A few minutes later I’m in minor panic mode…where’s the car keys. Did it last Thursday while preparing for the trip to Oulton Park.




Very True! - Far more useful than a tool kit in my opinion

A waste of time if the key is locked in there too Wink



Well at least he could let you know as well as tell you that you are a plank at the same time?

Airplane Otto



I think Mr Plank has had enough gripe water taken out of him for now :slight_smile:
does anyone remember the '70s when we used to have a magnetic box with a spare key inside attached under the wing?
is that still available & if so, with the plastic inner wing shields now where one could attach it?