Roll Bar required for NC1

Hi all

I’m looking for a roll bar for my 2007 NC1, which will replace the existing factory roll loops. The only place in the UK that I can find is GC Fabrications who are out of stock and don’t appear to be contactable…perhaps they’ve gone up the spout? :( 

There’s several places in the states that stock the hard dog sport roll bar but this would cost more in shipping than the actual bar.

Can anyone offer any info or advice on this please? 


Ive looked as well 

no luck yet either 

I can’t believe that there is nowhere…the amount of MK3s on the road and people using them for track days etc

I’m looking into getting one sent from the US but the postage is likely to be crazy

Maybe try:-

Thrussington Garage, East Goscote, Leic

0116 2694531


Roddissons Sheffield

0114 244 5300

For their race-cars of course they use full roll cage, but might know where to go for more basic rollover protection.