Roof Cleaning and Proofing

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Having successfully used a new product (Gtechniq I1) I thought I would re post this guide :


You will only need the Black reviver if the hood has become faded.

Deep cleaning with a Wet Vac is essential before you recolour OR reproof it

Regarding proofer. Personally, I dont like Renovo, I prefer to use GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric V2…but you can use most proofers and Fabric Sealants (Read instructions on product labels)

However, if your hood is faded, it will need the Reviver after you have cleaned and dried it

Here is my recommendation for cleaning and Proofing:


How to clean and seal a Mohair Hood

(ChrisRS Valeting & Detailing)

A nice sunny day and not too cold is essential to aid drying


Large car soft bristle wash brush

Detailing Gloves

Nail brush or similar ( Not too harsh)

Wet & Dry Vac … set to wet

Dry vac


1" Detailing Brush or 2" NEW Paintbrush

Container for the GTechniq Sealant or choice of sealant

MF cloth

Fabric/Convertible roof sealant…GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric V2, Meguiars, Renovo or Fabsil ‘Gold’ Fabric Sealant…OR…Similar products



In the bucket, mix a mixture, using around 100ml of each of the following:

Johnsons Baby Bath or similar

Milton Sterilising fluid, to kill Algae spores

Bilt Hamber Surfex APC or similar All Purpose Cleaner

Warm water to 3" in the bucket

  1. Dry vac the roof

  2. Wash the roof in sections with the soft brush and then lightly with the nail brush to remove ingrained dirt. Do not apply any pressure

  3. Suck out the moisture with the Wet Vac

  4. Allow to dry for an hour in the sun

When satisfied that the roof is dry…It doesn’t take long…That’s the nature of Mohair, (At least an hour to sure)

  1. Pour the sealant into your container and apply section by section with a 1"or 2" Paintbrush

(If using Gtechniq, no need to use the spray attachment) Better results painting it on

  1. Rub it lightly into the fabric with your fingers and each section should be lightly wiped with the MF cloth after each section too

  2. Wipe any Sealant off the glass immediately, or mask and cover the windows, prior to starting

 Your Hood should now look brand new again!!

Here it is finished after an hour of rain: 3 weeks since applied


(ChrisRS Valeting & Detailing - Sept 2019)



Chris - that roof looks great and very well protected. 

Great guide, although I am missing a fair amount of stuff needed!


(Assuming you would be up for it) how much would you charge Chris if I dropped my NB with you ?

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