Roof hitting roll bars

  1. My model of MX-5 is: '21 R-Sport
  2. I’m based near: Neath, South Wales
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: roof hitting roll bars…

Hi all, today i have finally managed to get the roof down! This is exciting as its rained every single day since buying it :frowning:

I have noticed that when its down, the edge of the roof is hitting the roll hoops. I am aware that there was previously an issue with the roof scuffing the roll hoop and leading to the hoop being marked but my issue is that there are slight dents to the edge of the roof where it has contacted the roll hoops. Slightly worried in case the identations on the roof means that its not as waterproof. What are peoples thoughts? Shall I take it to my local Mazda dealer?

yes you need to get it sorted it will eventually wear through the fabric. there is someone on here that sells plastic spacers that you stick on and it cures this issue I bought some myself but I can’t remember his name.

If it’s still under warranty, take it back to a Mazda dealer, it is a known problem.
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Are you pushing (down) on the the back off the soft top once it is folded down?..I had this problem, (2019, which I thought they had fixed by then), but when I took it back to the dealer they advised there was “nothing wrong” with it, I just needed to oush down on the at the back of the soft top when it was folded down, and to be fair it does work. Also the roof wasn’t actually rubbing on the roll bars, just very (very) close…

That’s what I do, which works for me too. A bigger gap between the bars and roof edge would be preferable but there’s no actual rubbing or wear.

My 21 Plate is booked in for 4th Jan to “be inspected”. Rumour is that Mazda UK are trying to insist this is a user error and not a warranty issue because we users may attempt to lower the roof from inside the car and have removed the technical bulletin which previously existed. I being told that Mazda UK have also tried to ignore the issues and attempts at getting this fixed and have even told customer “go to the motor ombudsman if you do not agree with our position”

HOWEVER a couple of weeks back they released a promotional video in which at the start the driver opens and lowers the roof from within the car. I then pointed out to them that this contradicts their stand on the issue and they promptly took the video down.

I am kind of hoping they attempt the same excuse with me, as I have a copy of the video and the bulletin that I will happily take to the motor ombudsman. That along with the fact they have previously recognised the issue and in fact repaired several under warranty should make for a very interesting and uncomfortable conversation with said ombudsman for Mazda UK.

When I was selling Mazdas in Australia, where the roof goes down most days, part of the sales training done by Mazda was that the roof was easy to put up and down from inside the car.