Roof rack on an mx5


Don’t see many mx5s with a 9’ long board on the roof, thought someone may like the photo of mine

We bought an inflatable kayak so it would fit in the boot (just)!

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I’ve been looking for one of these. Can you tell me where you bought it please?

We’ve a kayak as well, great fun but yes it does fill boot.

March, looking for roof rack or kayak ?

Just out of interest, where exactly do you surf in the midlands?

I can get one of these in my nc on passenger seat but it is inflatable :grin:

Anderby Creek.

Saw this in Hastings recently, hard to see the roof rack.


No surf in Rutland unfortunately but have a caravan in a mates field in Cornwall and do the Severn bore occasionally. Interesting car with hard to see rack.

Kayak - for the Norfolk Broads

Ok. We’ve got one and my daughter and her partner, there’s is so much better than ours . They were zooming off into the distance whilst we were zig zagging and going in circles which was hilarious but hard work. I’ll check what type they’ve got, seemed a lot more robust than ours as well.

This is the one my daughter got, ours was cheaper but this one is so much better, almost as good as a rigid kayak

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thank you

Thats the one we have, its brilliant and a lot of fun!

Where have you attached that at the back and how? and can it withstand the motorway… I really want to be able to transport my 7’2" board from Bristol to Devon at some point… I have considered the foot-well option but haven’t tried it, so if anyone has any info about whether or not that’s a viable option for the motorway they would be greatly appreciated. Yours looks really good btw :slight_smile:

I’ve a boot rack at the back and roll bar in the middle and it’s strapped to both. Scoops the wind into the cabin a bit tho. Normally when going south with boards I put the hardtop on to which I’ve attached some seat belt eyes. I stap it to those and then tension to front and rear towing eyes. Had 3 boards on the roof at 90 and very secure. Less movement than on normal car with roof rack.

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