Roof up, Roof down

When I had my Triumph Spitfire, the running joke in the club was , you never spotted an MG Midget with it’s roof down. So my question is why do I see so many MX5s with their roofs up on a nice sunny day?
During lockdown I would go for my Friday evening 5k run in Epping and see a 20 plate Soul Red ND with a lady driving it with its roof up and the weather was lovely.
My wife reckons they should have their cars confiscated. Are you one of these, I understand if you have a hard top and haven’t taken it off, or you have holes in it but considering how easy it is to drop the top, they should be down. :rage:


Any excuse to get it down matey, I’d rather be in there with a coat and scarf on than roof up :cold_face:


I agree with your wife.
Although having said that, I could imagine sweating your cobs off in your office atire, when the sun is beeming down, or putting the air-con on. I’m guessing the aircon wins.

I personally, never drive mine with the roof up, if I have to drive with the roof up, one of two things happened.
I got caught out in a torrential downpour… oh, there isn’t a second option.


I only use my Mk1 with the roof down. I have the tonneau cover fitted and I do not plan on removing it. When at work I can park it under a covered parking space that I can see from my office window. The only time I would put the roof up is if I had to leave it somewhere and there was a security risk or if it was raining hard and I had to stop…

Its a convertible and should be used as such - otherwise get a coupe!!!


They never released (apart from a few NB) a coupe.

…since we have had or various MX5’s I would say that 99% of our driving has been roof down.

We tend not to use it if the weather is bad so the only time we drive with the hood up is if we go out and it starts raining while we are out. (Even then if the rain is light the roof stays down).

Like the OP, I don’t see the point of buying a convertible and driving with the roof up unless it is actually raining?

Particularly with the mk4 which takes about 5 seconds to get the roof down, not that out Mk2 or Mk1 was significantly longer.

Like the OP I am also surprised that so many people with “any” convertible drive with the roof up when the weather is nice. (I actually find it a bit claustrophobic)…

I love the 5 with the roof down, roof up or hard top on. In a way, it’s three cars. But my favourite is roof down… Brilliant!

Roof up or down or Hartdtop on then what is wrong with enjoying it the way you want to?

How many don’t see the red line?

Seen plenty that don’t get above 50mph

So what? Why so judgemental?


I was talking about just getting a coupe in general… probably not clear enough, apologies

If it’s raining or snowing - roof up.

If the journey will be mostly on motorway/péage - probably roof up.

Any other time - roof down.

Having read the above posts, can i just say it is NOT a convertible, it IS a roadster, there is a difference.
Just saying.


Roof down as much as possible, even in the rain as long as you keep moving and the rain is too bad.

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Roof down as much as possible.

Exceptions for me are very hot sunny days cos I burn easily and I didnt go through the hassle of fitting air con to not use it, and rain. On my car the roof is down as much I n the winter as the summer


Same as many here, default is roof down, exceptions being long motorway journeys (RF with more wind noise) or rain. I have been seen with roof down in snow, theory being not much drops in the cabin… Oh and very hot weather! Drove from North Germany to Calais this earlier this year, roof up initially due higher Autobahn speeds, left with 24 degrees arrived with 37 degrees!!! Sometimes you forget how good the AC really is;-) Peter

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Who cares if somebody wants the roof up on his or her car? They don’t need to provide a reason.

I do realise it’s “banter” but I hate the idea that anybody might be self-conscious about keeping the roof up after reading this twaddle.

It must be time for my beta blockers.


It is just banter but I think the point is that surely most people bought a MX5 because they wanted one, the fun, the experience, the wind in your hair. The only reason I got mine because I wanted a change from a 4 door everyday motor… that and I can’t afford a TVR!!
If you want or need a ‘car’ then get a Focus or a 3 Series, not many can have a MX5 as the one and only form of transport, everyday life and practicality?!?! appreciate there will be a few exceptions.
Just putting my views out there.
I must admit that seeing a roof up on a lovely sunny day I do question why?

As another ex-Spitfire driver, I too am confused by the prevalence of roof up MX-5s. Mine is retracted at every opportunity (Subject to passenger agreement), although through the winter it was annoying on a bright cold morning to have to wait for everything to warm up a bit first to avoid damaging any seals (dire warnings in handbook). Journeys over an hours length on M-way are roof up, mainly to be able to hear the radio, though it’s a bit gloomy inside.
I love roof down at night with the stars overhead, heater on and seat in toasty mode.
One disadvantage compared to the Spitfire is that the old car had sufficiently dirty aerodynamics and gutters to keep the rain out of the cockpit at anything over 20mph, even heavy storms, whereas the clean lines of the Mx-5 let water over the top of the screen and side windows so anything more than a “scotch mist” requires roof up!

Roof up - Definitely roof up.
Unless it’s a day with a ‘y’ in it :grinning:

:+1: :laughing: