Rust advice 2016

Apologies if this is the wrong forum.
I viewed a low mileage 2016 and took a couple of pics of the rear suspension. Is this normal?

Unfortunately it’s normal for the MX-5 to rust like that. Having said that with minimal prep and treatment that’s an easy fix with some underseal. Left for another 7 years and it could be holed in places you don’t want holes.
Some owners just drive them without knowing they are rusting beneath them, some in the know will have them protected.

It’s good you are not only looking at the shiny paintwork on top but taking an interest what’s down below.:+1:

That’s fairly normal and for a 6-7 year old MX-5 not particularly bad.

Of course you can’t see everywhere, however if the easily visible areas are like this then you have to hope the unseen bits also reflect a car that is in reasonable order.

If you are planning to buy and keep it then consider rust proofing quite soon before it deteriorates.

Yes must admit I’m a bit paranoid with rust on all cars, without going off on one it’s a disgrace how little attention most manufacturers give to rustproofing. Or how dealers never mention anything when servicing, here’s my late fathers Honda serviced every single year at main dealer, never one mention of rust from them

I don’t mind doing a bit myself but as you say there’s unseen bits that will get missed unless you know what you’re doing i suppose

I checked up on my 9 year old SEAT undersides earlier this year when renewing the brakes. Nothing under there worries me, I couldn’t find any grot. Wiped over with an oily rag revealed the paint still on the springs and suspension parts, minimal rust.

This is normal and really doesn’t look that bad but you need to get it under sealed by a reputable garage sooner rather than later.

Did back pads on wife’s 2015 Audi last week , no corrosion at all , Mazda are ■■■■ at body protection

That’s a bit nasty, but typical for a Mazda used on salted roads. Summer-only cars can be very clean underneath.

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