Rust be gone

So my mini resto a month in, car 2 ft off ground, 60% of anything underneath off, bumpers off/wings off to expose all areas.    bottom off car resembled titanics hull,   looked worse than what it is.   hired a big air compressor…bought a sandblaster kit…it made light work of rust, got into all the nooks and crannies, back to smooth metal with no holes or worring welding needed.  big thumbs up.  hammerite next.

Dont be put off by garage/mot comments on rust. looks are deciving. 


Pristine looking S-Limited 18 months ago or so

Last Feb

Booked into Thrussington Garage in June. I knew what to expect

Should be getting photos soon of the drivers side repairs, but these were comparatively minor

I’ve seen bubbling stone chip which can be peeled back tpo reveal seemingly pristine, shiny, metal, but when you look carefully, you can see minute pinholes. On the Mk1, the rust is question is sill rust, and it is 100% from the inside. The external metal surfaces might look pristine, but in reality, the metal is paper thin. By the time you have got proper rust bubbling, there is already damage to the inner structures. In the example above, if you look at the nearside repairs, not only repairs needed to the inner wing (that’s two cars in a row for me), but also repair needed to the inner (actual) sill member.

ouch…mine not as bad as that,looks like previous owner had inners/outers seals and rear arches done some time ago on mine,