Rust-proofing S Wales

Age old topic, few threads specific to S Wales but most nearly a decade old! Got myself a beautiful Mk1, but since I daily drive her (or did before lockdown) I want to make sure she’s got the best protection poss.

Know there’s a few generic rust-proofing places in S Wales but can’t help but feeling that going to a speciality shop would have a better chance of dealing with known worry areas.

Any thoughts? Or am I better off taking her somewhere further afield? I’ve heard good things about themx5restorer.


Hi Sam

Try Mark and total MX5s repairs in barry. Mark is a top guy and extremely knowledge when its come to 5s. Highly recommended and he makes a good coffee.


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Definitely Total MX5 with Mark in Barry, he’ll check it over and advise. He’s busy!

So a specialist points out issues on your car that you hadn’t noticed and that’s a bad thing? Sounds like the previous “high standards” either weren’t or the cavity protection wasn’t maintained regularly enough 🤷. You had free advice and ignored it by the sounds of it

Hardly. I didn’t need a bit of rot pointing out to me,I could clearly see it. The previously repaired arch which I was informed was starting to go is still as good as the day it was repaired. I never ignore good advice

Thanks for the advice chaps, I’ll take it down to Barry and see what Mark says about it :slight_smile:


I’d ring first as I know he’s very busy