Rust Proofing

Any recommendations for places to get this done in NE Derbyshire, Chesterfield, Sheffield areas. Thanks.

A friend of mine used C & S Haynes in Stoke & was pleased with the service & result.

Is that too far away for you ??

Bit of a stretch to Stoke but thanks. Have heard of a Landrover place locally that does it but a bit wary. Will investigate further and update the post in case anyone else is interested.

See this thread —>.

MX5 motors in carcroft (Doncaster), apparently.

Thanks for the replies folks. Quite a range of options and prices representing very different approaches.

Just be very careful who you hand yours keys over to , just because it is a dear price does not mean you get a correct job, i am seeing a lot of blow overs for a lot of your hard earned, do your home work, ask for pics, know what to look for and where to check and look people…


Copy and paste into the search bar…



@ Mazda mender.

Thanks for the heads up and very useful link. More food for thought. 

Spalding too far?

Highly recommend Rustbusters - very comprehensive job.




Hello k9doc

Highly recommended:- CBS Autos Nelson BB9 7BJ 01282 697413 ask for Carl.

Top guy, first class work, sensible pricing




Thanks EG and KW for the input. The sites you recommend did come up on my initial search and both look good but logistically a little difficult.

It’s surprising how thin on the ground these places are. Maybe it’s just my area or perhaps a majority DIY.