Rust treatment near me

Apologies if I’ve asked the same question before but I’m struggling to find previous posts. I’m considering having my newly purchased 2009 NC2 PRHT properly rust proofed/ treated before I put on many more miles. I’d like a thorough job including cleaning off all existing Waxoyl, inspection and retreating including all arches, sills, cavities etc. Would prefer a product that allows easy inspection down the line and has some form of warranty. Any recommendations for this service within 30 miles or so of Lichfield? Thanks in advance.

i used Krown Rustproofing in Tipton and was very impressed by the thorough job they did and all the pictures they sent me of the strip down and treatment. Im not sure whether they would remove your old stuff though so perhaps give them a call. Depends what you want but its a fairly local option for you within your travel limits.

A few mention JR Classics but they are near Doncaster. Mine had the full treatment there a few years ago, it’s holding up well, it’s not a daily driver but has been topped upper previously and by myself earlier this year.
I’m guessing going on prices then and now expect £1k + if they offer a strip off and reapply service. I’ve got the bill from when mine was done.

I’ve just emailed Krown to get an idea of price. Do you know if they brush down the rusty bits as part of their service or am I going to have to crawl under and get dirty?

Hi, For sure i never cleaned off the car myself. I seem to recall that they clean it themselves before applying various treatments to the car to remove any surface rust and then to inhibit and protect against rust. Im sure the guy there will be able to advise you. I know he sent me a whole bunch of pictures which showed a pretty thorough job and the underside looking clean and treated.

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That’s wicked, thanks for that!

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What was your quote if you don’t mind me asking?

The quote was £275.
Said it would take about 3 hours. They sent a link to a video to show the process…

Hope this helps.

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Thank you mate.

I need to do mine as she’s looking crusty and had to have both sills done for MOT.

I’ve had two quotes so far:

Rust Shield Pros in cheltenham: £750 and a weeks work
Automotive Protective Solutions at £425

Have also asked these guys and have looked at doing myself, which will be tough as I dont have ramps or my own driveway.

Obviously the £750 will be the belt and braces absolute best, but that’s a scary price that will be a huge stretch.
Wondering if anyone has an opinion on how much ‘worse’ the cheaper options will be, and if I went for them, is there prep I could do myself beforehand to maybe mimic the more expensive job for a more attractive total cost

Any input on cost vs job compromise would be appreciated!

If you think it’s “crusty” so will a prospective buyer. What will they knock off? £750? £1000?

I don’t want to sell it but I see your point! I do want Longevity

My ex NC was treated professionally back in 2019, it still needed top ups after that. If you have rust already it starts to poke through again in the more exposed underside areas no matter what coatings you have it lathered with. For complete peace of mind the rusty bits need grinding back to bare metal or the rusty metal needs replacing before applying any underbody treatment.
Having said the above my NC was in no worse state when sold than when it was bought, I kept it in decent nick on top and also the bits you can’t see, it was time consuming but also an hobby for me.
The £275 treatment above on the RX seems just a coating of wax, much like Lanoguard, remove any loose stuff/dust and spray away, rinse and repeat the following year if you use your motor throughout the year. It’ll probably last longer if it’s never taken out in the wet and kept cosy in a heater garage etc.
Incidentally I didn’t like the sprayer coating the the engine bay/outer bonnet area with the stuff and no covering on the cars paintwork either.:woozy_face:

Hi Mick, thanks for your comment. When you say treated professionally, was this a week-long, full strip down, multi stage treatment?
I don’t think the Krown treatment would provide PoM for me… I think For me I’d at least want to have it scrubbed down with a wire brush.

What i am leaning towards is a good scrub myself, maybe doing the rear crash bar myself, a nitromors style convertor around the repaired sills, then take for the £425 option… Having phoned the tech, they do a scrub down and do focus on spraying within the cavities. My fear is what is already going down within the sill cavity

Mine was done at the company below, previous to my ownership in 2019. Of course prices have/are going up all the time, the bill for my was considerably lower than shown now.