Rusting sills & wheel-arches

I have a MX5 2.5 Euphonic that is starting to look a bit tatty, with rusting sills and rear wheel-arches. Does anyone know of someone reliable who might be able to fix the problem? I’m guessing some welding will be required. All suggestions most welcome! Kind regards, Andrew

Before you spend money inspect the front chassis rails.

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You could try

MX5 Restorer is in the South:

They have a YouTube channel also:

  • which shows some of the work that goes on in their workshop.

The Euphonic is a nice car!

If your handy ,do it yourself.

Welcome mr-andrew-parsons

From MX-5 2.5 Icon owner in the West Mids who has replaced sills, arches, had welding and undersealing done on my girl

Folk will need to know where you are located before they can start replying :smiley:

I’m guessing Southampton way…
or at least Solent area

Thanks to all of you who replied. I appreciate the advice, apart from what I suppose was intended to be a funny response from Club Member Mazda_mender. Not funny. If I was “handy” and able to perform a “do it yourself” job, I wouldn’t have been asking my question, would I?
I’m now based in Portsmouth, so the advice from Club Members eatcustard and cross-keys are especially appreciated. Thank you!

Don’t ignore richardn comment; that is job No1.

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Thanks for reminding me. I forgot to thank Club Member richardn. Front chassis rails all fine. Thanks, WAS-I-DUN. Kind regards, Andrew

Asked, answered and some toys rattled so we’ll end it there.