Rustproofing a new 2024 MX5?

I believe it’s Lanolin based which is a product from sheep wool.
If you apply it to an MX5 it will just follow any other MX5 it sees.


Yes, probably is just a quick rub down of any corroded parts and some under seal over those bits. Doubt anything like wheels etc come off

Could be wrong of course.

Very interesting discussion. I am thinking of doing the same for my 2017 ND MX5 RF. There is surface rust showing but anywhere close to Sheffield out there? By close I mean I don’t mind travelling 80-100 miles but car being kept overnight somewhere? How does car insurance deal with that?

Plus what cost are we looking at and is it an annual job? Maybe a better way is not to drive the car in the wet and particularly on salted roads?

Is the underbody treatment available from all Mazda dealers?

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Any chance you can let me know where this dealer is or which franchise group they belong to? I could drive out to them.

My ND is 2016 . Currently buying Bilt Hamber products . I have injected both sills ( and marked this on the drive from the drain holes :thinking:) with Dynax S50My next stage is to remove wheel liners and bungs behind and inject those. Then to spray the arches out with black Dynax UB. This also includes sill panel removal, so I can get under that and the sill line to spray that. The subframes etc will internally get S50 with the long probe on the inside when possible and then the suspension arms and outer subframes etc will get clear Dynax SC. All decent enough products and although I keep mine in the garage and tucked away in winter in a dehumidifed garage ( yes, a bit OTT) I do believe that keeping up with the jap steel fizzing , will be cheaper long term than cutting the life out the car to restore. It also makes a better car for selling to the next owner, as they think you have made a good effort in prevention of the cars curse. Weirdly, my 2007 Z4 Coupe had absolutely no rust on anything including subframes and suspension. Some of the early cars ( soft tops) started to suffer front wings and rear , but these were cars that were a lot newer than the MX5. You would expect that at later age. My first japanese car , although a mate was well into RX8’s and he had lots and even more engines !! But he said one thing they never did was rot and his were driven all year and all weathers left outside. Even when we used to change multiple gearboxes over time :roll_eyes:, We never had issues with bolts being corroded or seized.

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Bit of an odd question, but in my case, if I don’t drive my ND in the wet, and avoid 97%+ of winter salt, plus it always got a half cover on when not in use (so even the soft top don’t get wet), would you need to do that sort of stuff?

I wouldn’t put much stock in ‘next owner’ stuff though. Negligible really, price gain wise, and totally nothing if not selling to a private buyer. Of course there’s the altruistic warm hearted feeling of spending lots of money so the next owner, who hopefully cares, likes it

Because it is showing signs of rust in places, I want to prevent it getting worse. It will go out in the rain and muck and if this year is anything to go by , its going to be no better in the future. It also has 2 weeks in Scotland early next year.
Its a project car for me and one , like previous cars I treat very well.
@ND12 there is a thread about an NC and rust . Majority of contributors have said, ’ avoid it, get a car with less rust’ so, there is a situation about making a car long term saleable to a bigger audience , if an owner spend about £100 on extra protection , should the need to sell comes sooner than my plan etc

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Yeah I am thinking this too. Don’t drive it in the wet and for sure not on salted roads. Should help a lot but there is moisture in the air that can over-time get to the parts too.

I was thinking of getting a treatment done. Like Lanoguard. Some Mazda dealers are offering this and there is a thread on this forum stating so. I am trying to get a reply to find out which dealers. If you do a basic coating of this and don’t drive in the wet and on salted roads I think this coating will be enough to last for a couple of years. And the price is fair too. I hope someone can reply on that thread so we know which Mazda dealers are offering this treatment.

If you plan on driving in the wet and on salted roads then you will have to go to someone to do a more thorough job. There are lots of third-parties that can carry this work out; question is do you trust them and you have to leave the car with them. How the insurance deals with that I don’t know.

That is my thinking at the moment.

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I agree. There is that. Plus of course the pounding it gets siting on a drive, if you don’t garage it. But at the end of the day, how bad really would a car/undercarriage get it you don’t drive it in the rain anytime, nor salted roads. It is of course to each their own.

I would say it would be OK. I am still however looking for those Mazda dealerships that are offering the Lanoguard treatment. Hopefully someone on this forum knows more. My local ones do not offer this service.

Yeah, not a bad idea. The Lanoguard one will surely last loads if you don’t drive it in the rain. I think it’s more friendly if an idiot does it too, as I think it’s more kind if it lands/is applied on the wrong underside place. Again that might be talking rubbish though.

If you are looking to apply a protective underbody treatment, I’d recommend going to a specialist rather than a Mazda main dealer…


I’ve applied Lanoguard to my NC. Very easy to apply and can be sprayed everywhere without worry. Does need a top up every year just on those places where you can see surface rust appearing again. The great advantage is that if the rust is coming through from the inside you are not permanently sealing that area unlike some of the other products where you have no idea what is going on behind the rust proofing until big chunks fall off! You will smell like a sheep at the end of the process, but clothes can be easily washed :grinning:

I looked at the Lanoguard stuff and certainly if it works like it says then great. But, I am buying the Bilt Hamber way for mine, mainly because I dont fancy getting cover in cack every year spraying it on. The Bilt Hamber stuff seems pretty easy to apply and is used in heavy industry like ships etc. So, a little convertible should be easy work. I have bought the clear stuff to put on, so I wont be hiding anything behind thick tar like prooducts, especially the parts showing early signs of corrosion. I can check it at the MOT as know the tester and he lets me nose about my cars while he is checking everything.

Bilt Hamber products are certainly well proven, I like them a lot. I’ve used most of the line-up over the last 10yrs or so.

Their customer service is also excellent, if you wanted to get in touch with what you’re trying to achieve and some ‘as-is’ photos, they’re good at suggesting/verifying the approach and products to use.

Why? I am sure they are qualified and have experience with the treatment since they are offering it.

Other places you have to take your car and leave it there. Not sure what insurance would say to that. And I am not comfortable leaving my car somewhere where it is miles away and I have not been before. Also getting to and back would be an issue.

So you would fall for the seat and paintwork treatments the main dealer would offer then ? Those Auto Glym products you get from ebay for£30, they charge £400 for ? Main dealers like easy profit work and I suspect that could be another one.
With regards to leaving your vehicle overnight. My own car ( not MX5) just spent a night away from home having a service and the dealer will have insurance to cover it. Any legit buisness will have insurance for customers cars , while they are in their possession.

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Not sure I would do that to be honest. Leaving the keys with them? Someone who you never met?

Tell them there is a live tracker in it. I did that when I parked my car at a dodgy carpark in Luton Airport. My wife booked it last minute and didnt think about reviews. Took photo of mileage, told them the tracker contacts my phone and went away for 10 days and came back to a misty car with cobwebs on the tyres. Didnt move an inch…

Have booked my other car, a 8 year old Kia, with a local outfit called Mike’s Autocare here in South Shropshire.
Quoted £260 for a Sportage. Prices start at £190.
Treatment takes 2 days.
Day1. On hoist, wheels off, thorough clean underside and left to dry.
Day2. Thorough treatment with Lanoguard spray and stiff Lanoguard wax as appropriate. Left to go off.
It seems good value to me.
There is a website, so check it out.
Due to go in towards the end of May.

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