Rustproofing in Northampton

Does anyone know or recommend a rustproofing company in the Northampton area

I’ve been looking for similar recommendations around Brackley! I’ve not turned anything up MX5 specific but I’ve found Pro-Tect in Tingewick (between Brackley and Buckingham)

Because of covid they are quoting form pictures - am waiting to hear back form them for a quote on mine.


I looked at Pro-Tect for rust-proofing my 2001 Jaguar XK8. They asked that I book an appointment to take it in for them to put it on the ramp to look over properly. They talked me through the whole process and explained everything. In the event, once they had it on the ramp, they spotted some work on the suspension that they recommended I should get done before they did the rustproofing. That work was only completed just before lock-down so I haven’t had a chance to progress it. They quoted about £800 if I remember right. I was very impressed by their professionalism compared to some other outfits I have spoken to.

If you do use them I would be very interested in the outcome.

Anyone used Krown Rustproofing in Tipton?

A few people have used them on their ND and they do a very good job. You can also buy T40 in cans.

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I’ve had a quote back around the same ballpark as yours - its more than I was expecting to pay but they are attributing it to the surface rust removal it requires. I’ll wait to hear what some of the other companies say but having looked at their reviews and online pictures etc, I’m tempted to go with them

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Anyone know of any companies in the North West (Manchester/ Liverpool) who can be relied on for rustproofing preferably with Dinitrol or similar?

Hi Mate,I got mine done by Carl @ Cbs autos in Nelson,did a fab job,he reall goes to town and does them properly

If it’s not too far these guys are well recommended for anything Mx5

Am booked in for a couple of weeks time - the chap there gave me an exhaustive run through of all the works they do specific the the MX5, reeling off quite a bit of detail specific to the NC which made me feel very confident in their ability / knowledge to do a very comprehensive job so I’ve gone with them.

Will report back once completed on my experience!!

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I had my NC treated by Carl at CBS and I agree the rustproofing was thorough but I was somewhat upset that the paintwork was not protected during the treatment. Whilst you couldn’t see it the whole car was covered in a fine coating of the product and the paint felt like sandpaper which took many hours of effort to remove.

Unusual that,mine was perfect after

Mine went in for its treatment at Pro-Tect this morning - I’ve been promised updates and a comprehensive set of pictures documenting the work done so will report back as and when!

I got the car back yesterday and cant praise their service highly enough - very pleased with it and very comprehensive!

The process they took was do a 2 stage under body clean (high pressure hot wash followed by a steam clean), then to mechanically remove all accessible surface rust, so wire wheel work etc. Once that was done I believe they used a chemical rust remover to get to anything they couldn’t physically access, prior to going through the process of priming with inhibitors, and applying the various protections to the underbody, braces, links, subframes etc etc ac well as all the cavities (so sills, lower doors, boot & bonnet skin etc etc) - basically if they could protect it it was protected!

All of this was documented with a comprehensive set of photos (28 for my car) which is great for the service history!

Certainly wasn’t cheep - £895 in my case, but given the work done I’m happy that it was worth every penny! They openly admit that they are not the cheapest out there, but they believe themselves to be the best value in terms of money spent to work completed and given my experience I’ve no reason to doubt that.

If anyone is interested, the pictures from the work on my car are here -


Sounds a great job,how old is your car ?

Hi, I recognise your car! They did mine this week as well and I saw yours when I picked up mine on Thursday. Mine is an ND with just 1000 on the clock, so effectively brand new. I too was very impressed with their knowledge and the photos etc. Mine cost a little less, 750, but they had hardly any prep to do. Appear to be very thorough xnd know their stuff.

It’s a 2010 car, September 2010 I think

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Yeah the guy there said their most regular trade is MX5s and Land Rovers!

The forum tells me this is your first post - welcome! I’ve found this to be a very useful and friendly place :slight_smile:

It looks a fab job,well worth the investment !

Why, thanks. I’ve been lurking for a few months but nothing to contribute till I sa this topic. I thought pro-tect were well worth an endorsement too.