Rx8 anti roll bars..


Im replacing my standard billy springs with eibach-35 springs this weekend and was wondering if anyone’s has an opinion on changing the ARB’s to RX8 yellow dots as well…???

(Do all RX8 ARB’s fit the Mk3 NC 2L…??)

Any input appreciated 

Al D. 

I’ve not done it myself, but at Bruntingthorpe track day last year it was suggested to me that it would greatly improve my body roll, if I tracked it more I think I would fit some.

I believe all RX8 ARB’s will fit as both cars share the same suspension mounts/subframes - I’m sure someone will confirm…



yes I have the yellow dot arb’s on my car. Straight fit

Thanks guys…??
Rich, was it worth doing…?
Also what tweeks have you done to get to 180bhp.?

Al D

Also… I need to learn how the ‘search ‘ function works on this site, as everything I search comes back blank…???


Just hit the search button at the top, it’ll bring the search box shown below. Just type your text in to box shown (your search words here) and then hit search. It works for me.



yes it was worth doing I like the way the car handles, hated it standard. too vague. 


Exhaust manifold, silenced  and race cat centre pipe, with a GoPerform back box. Induction kit and a remap by Autotronix (he does the max5 racers)


I will soon be fitting Meister CRD to my Nc. And am now thinking about if i should change the anti roll bars.

I see plenty of RX8 sets available from breakers, sold as MX5 upgrade.

Ive seen mention of yellow dot ones which dont seem to be readily available, the ones listed just say RX8 231 bhp

Will the standard RX8 ones be a worthwhile upgrade? Are all RX8 bars the same 192 and 231 bhp?

Just the yellow dot ones a further upgrade?

Any info appreciated.



This thread explains some interesting opinions on this.

Most seem to rate yellow dot front and rear for best balance.

Red is a weaker ARB, orange stronger.

I think yellow were fitted to RX8 cars with the sports package, up to 2008.

Orange were fitted from around 2009.

Put simply it seems that most people do not complain about a yellow dot upgrade, front and rear.      

Definitely worth doing. I ran my car with the yellow dot arb’s and oem Sport suspension for a short while before my Meisters arrived in the post; even in that configuration there was a massive improvement.

Thanks raz and rhino.

A bit more searching over the weekend found the below info from an old post, lots more detail contained within this old post



in summary,

Anti roll bar stiffness is as follows measured an In (Polar moment of inertia)  

                           Front       Rear

Std NC sport       15,220      2,030

RX8 Red dot       30,010      4,260  

RX8 Yellow         34,220      4,775

RX8 orange        36,910      6,430


What i read from the above, is Rx8 red dot are approx twice as stiff as the standard Mx5 NC bars.

Yellow Dot are slightly stiffer still, but not a massive increase above the Red, and Orange are stiffer still, particularly the rear.

Based on this it looks like either Red or Yellow as a pair will be a very worthwhile upgrade, i’ve also seen lots of chatter across various forums of mixing and matching depending on if you want under-steer or over-steer, i would prefer to keep that fairly neutral for the road so a matched pair sounds best i think.

Now i just need to find a decent not bent or damaged pair.




For reasons which are not immediately obvious it seems the favoured setup for the nc is the softer front with the next colour up for the rear. Red front and yellow rear for example as opposed to a matched pair.

Excuse the stupidity here, but how can you tell if ARB’s bought from eBay are in decent condition? Are there obvious pointers?

Take a close look at the photographs on zoom in. Some sellers will use a generic photo of a similar item and there is no guarantee that you will receive the one you see. You can only go by the feedback the seller has received. Don’t forget you will need new bushings which ever bar you fit front and rear. The brackets are common.

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I don’t agree with this. I run a pair of yellow dot and love the way it handles and breaks away progressively

One set on eBay ATM, yellow dot, £120 pair, is that OTT or about the going rate?

Got my yellow dot ones through the RX8 sales page on FB for £80 posted a couple of weeks back, so £120 looks quite steep.

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Paid £45 for a nice pair on eBay. They do come up, occasionally…

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