RX8 Steering Wheel(s)

I have 2 x RX8 steering wheels for sale. One I have fitted previously to my car (see pic) the other I never used. Both in really good used condition with minimal wear.
These are an easy swap to replace the standard Mk3 SW. Your original airbag just swaps over to these RX8 wheels, same fittings/bolts and the radio controls plug in and work just the same too.

One black/red the other all black.

£20 each + postage or collect from South Derbyshire.

Fitting instructions can be advised if required.


Hi what would the cost of postage be to B98 7pu cheers phil interested in the red one

Hi there

Sent by Hermes (cheapest option) signed for £7.29

No airbag in these, you transfer your airbag over.


So the front of the steering wheel is just a cover for the airbag…not fitted one before …

The MX-5 and RX-8 steering wheel centre sections which contain the airbags are removed by releasing the two 10mm bolts each side, you can find these on the rear part of the steering wheel shroud behind two rubber bungs or cover caps. Once these are removed the centre section of the wheel pulls out easily revealing the airbag. It’s attached by push in wired connection and a centre plastic clip holds it in place. Once disconnected there are 4 small nuts holding the airbag in place, you just transfer this over to the replacement wheel and connect up again.
Of course there are also the SW controls to disconnect and the all important centre nut holding the wheel to the steering column to remove. Tip… when undoing the centre nut leave it attached to the spigot whilst you wiggle and pull the wheel off, you don’t want it smacking you in the nose as it jerks upwards suddenly. Also and most importantly disconnect the battery so’s the airbag has no charge to it, leave for around 20 mins so I’m informed before removing the airbag.
Sounds a bit daunting, not really, I’ve done it around three times on my car now (probably more) and can be done in around 15 mins.

Is the RX8 wheel smaller than the std NC steering wheel?

They are 370mm dia, so the same size as the NC wheel

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Hi looking at the wheel before I decide to change it looks like it does not have the centre horn like the nc were did yu have your horn when you had it fittted

The centre section is also a horn push just like the MX-5 wheel.:+1: