Sachs shocks ok for use with Mazda Speed Eibach lowering springs on a 1990 Eunos????

Hi everyone,

           I recently bought my red 1990 Eunos and upon jacking it up found it has amongst other mods, Eibach springs on (yipee!)

I then discovered today to my dissmay, whilst ‘making progress’ round a tight bend, at least 1 of the rear shocks is Kaput (corner, lean,compress, rebound,boing boing, sack end out, tank slapper, brown trousers etc), so, it looks like ive to get a pair of new rear shocks.

I’ve priced them up and SACHS gas dampers are a lot cheaper than the KYB ones, and i know from previous car experience Sachs are normally good quality.

Question is, are they suitable for lowered springs?, i.e, enough travel before bump stop etc., if not, which are?.

Also, has anyone else got Eibachs on, and if so, what shocks do you use, and are they any good?.





I had a scary moment today

 Give Andrew a ring at autolink I am sure he will sort you out


Thanks, will do, ive had a few bits from them already, very helpful chaps i found

KYBs can be a bit bouncy with lowering springs; these are 102% of stock Showas. Sachs are probably similar.