Sad to leave

I am finding it very hard to accept that due to being diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition I had my driving license revoked at the end of January. I have had to sell my much cherished MK1 MX5 Eunos which I owned for 10 years, this weekend sees the 30th anniversary of the MX5 at the National Rally which I was due to attend but unfortunately had to cancel all arrangements due to my situation, which also fell on my birthday. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the owners club for all my years as a member & wish all its members many more years of success.
Kind Regards


I am extremely sorry to read about your situation. A very difficult time for you and you family. I simply wish you all the very best for the future and I hope your health improves.
Tony Firman.

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Thank you very much for your kind comments
Tony F.

Sorry to read about this. Something all of us would dread and find immensely difficult to cope with too. Anything I add would be just words to someone in your position, so I’ll say all the best and wish you the best of health in your current all other aspects :heart:

This is very sad Tony.
My sincere best wishes for the future.


Am sorry to read of you having to give up your Eunos Tony, sounds as though you have had great times in your ten years of ownership.
All the best, Ben

So sad to read this. I worry about my aches and pains as I get older, but to experience such an issue that stops you enjoying your driving, must really hurt.

I wish you well, Tony, please take care.

Thank you all for your kind messages, these will all help me to deal with the situation.
Tony F.

Hiya Tony

‘Degenerative eye condition’ ?

My late father had his driving license revoked after a severe heart attack that left him brain damaged. He also had ‘glaucoma’ which means I’m monitored for England for this condition and was recently told my ‘pressures were up’ :worried:

My father was gutted about his license being revoked but his severe sudden change in health meant that I sold my house and bought Bullit my MX-5 NB 1.8 Icon and moved in with him as his 24/7 carer back in 2007

He wasn’t as compos mentis as yourself BUT totally loved me chauffeuring him around in the MX-5 roof up/roof down

This helped him cope with the loss of his license

[Was there any chance of a chauffeur at your end so you could keep your cherished MK1 Eunos ??]

As for bad things happening on your birthday I got told ‘removal of a disability benefit’ on mine !!

Food for thought :thinking:

Kindest xx


I do own another car which is now my taxi, I had to get my daughter to take out her own insurance policy on it as I am now unable to have car insurance. My condition is retinitis pigmentosa which can be present at birth & go undiscovered.
Tony F.


Sad news☹️
hopefully brighter things will be on the horizon

Very best wishes for the future!

Hi again Tony

Happy to hear you still own another vehicle and now have ‘daughter taxi’ :smiley:

Many many years ago my Dad [Retired RAF Sqn Ldr and Horologist] thought he would drive one of his student a few miles home several hours after an end of term celebration. He was over the limit !

It not only cost him in insurance but loads of money in driving lessons for my then 18 year old younger sister in order to get a ‘daughter taxi’

Also empathy…Bullit dead battery this morning

We often don’t appreciate stuff until we lose them


Again thank you all for your kind thoughts, it was a tough day yesterday letting go of my much cherished MX5 & also missing out on the National Rally, I hope all went well there.
Kind Regards
Tony F.

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