Salt marks

I have “water marks” in the paint, quite a lot from the salty roads and wondered what’s the best way to remove them?

I did hose the car down, tried a shampoo, 50/50 car degrease, clay mitt but the mitt just got clog right away so all was useless.

There are a few different causes & cures for watermarks. Sometimes a wipe over with diluted distilled vinegar will get rid of them. I had some quite bad ones on my boot lid that had been annoying me for a couple of weeks in the really cold weather. So on a warm day I went out armed with the da polisher to find that they had gone on their own.

Same here. I had bad salt marks on a car a while ago, I was quite annoyed and planned a day of polishing. They seemed real stubborn when I rubbed at them wet or dry. Two weeks later they had gone and all I did was leave the car in the rain. :+1:

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Yeah I was ready to go out today and attack them, might just leave it and see. Must be something in the rain that dilutes them.