Sam, the most famous Labrador in the MX-5 Owners Club

Sam, is retiring from raising money for the lifeboats this year at Sandringham so he can put (all) his feet up. I am asking as many members of the MX-5 Owners Club to come and sit in the car with Sam and have their photo taken by a friend or family, also I wish to take a photo of everyone who sits in the car too, so that I can make a scrapbook of all his Owners Club friends to show at future meets. Please don’t fell obliged to make a donation to the RNLI, I just want as many photos as I can get. This will be the last opportunity for anyone to sit in the car with Sam.

Sam will be 13 years old on September 1st

Anyone who wants to sit in the car with Sam at Sandringham will find me, Sam and the MX-5 on the RNLI stand.

On behalf of Sam and myself have a wonderful time at Sandringham see you there.

Tez and Sam

Nice one Sam, tell Terry I have some photos of you that I must let him have.    Terry are you both at Richards Castle tomorrow.

Cracking idea, Tez Cool


What a Star!


Steve and Liz




Nice photo, great to see Sam along and he even got interviewed in the arena… Smile

Well done Sam (and Tez).

Enjoy your retirement Sam, we’ll all miss you at Club Rallies from now on… you’ve done a great job… Smile

HI All don’t panic Sam will still be going to rallies he will just not be raising money for the RNLI, so you can still give Sam a cuddle when you see him.

Can I say a BIG thank you to every one who has put money in Sam’s bucket, over the past 4 years he has made over 4.000 for the lifeboats. From last year to this year he made 1.701.98p which was shown at Sandringham.

And on the day at Sandringham Sam made 185.35p so thank you to one and all who put money in on the day.

It will be a little sad not seeing people sat in the car with Sam having fun, but at 13 its getting a little to much for him plus one or two health problems.

Keeping fingers crossed and Sam 4 legs crossed we will see you all next may at Broklands looking forward to that one.

A little info about the lifeboats.

The cheapest insure dingy cost just over one hundred thousand pounds the dearest is the sea going lifeboat the Seven at just over 5.000.000 pounds and it cost 1,500 pounds to train a lifeboat man. over 180 lifeboat have lost there lives from when it was formed around 1840s Lifeboat men don’t get paid and it cost the RNLI just over 45.000.000 pounds to operate a year and all from public donations.

And on behalf of Sam woof woof

Tez and Sam

Ah, ha, thanks Terry for the clarification… nice one… Smile