Sandicliffe Invitation 15th February

Hi Everyone
We have received a very late invitation to an event being organised this coming Friday evening 15th February 6pm onwards at Sandicliffe Mazda in Leicester.
Sandicliffe have a number of Heritage MX5's from Mazda's own collection (from each generation) on display for a short time and they would like to invite enthusiasts along and hope to build a closer relationship with
our club.
Myself and David Mortiboys have changed our plans for Friday so we can now attend and hope that some of our members will join us on the night.
As they may put on food for us, it would be great to get an idea of numbers.  If you are able to attend please let me know by adding your name to the main thread on the owners club forum.
Address for Sandicliffe
154 Welford Road, Leicester, LE2 6BW

Hope to see you Friday.
John Hoy

I’m in Dan Webster 

I’m in too, the 5 needs a run out :smiley:

Richard Watkinson

And Kartik Ralhan 

Hi John,

Could you add Jane and I.

Dean and Jane Swann 

And Peter Corby

Hi, please add me and my husband. Evelina & Sam Brookhouse

Count us in - as long as the weather isn’t too awful, but forecast looks promising.  We have a V-special NA MX5.  I believe this was a first year anniversary designed model so it would feel at home at such an event in such a special year! Sarah and Gary.

Hi John

Add Nick and myself to the list.


Mick and Nicky

And Carolyne Gregory x 2

Friday night duties delegated, so please count us in as well.

Max and Michele



Hi John,

Myself and my brother Dave will be there it will make a change for me to look at cars that are not in bits




Thanks everyone for coming along to Sandicliffe at the last minute.

Great event all round and a brilliant turn out, maybe one to repeat in the future we certainly received a warm welcome from Sandicliffe.