Sat 18 May: Scenic Drives & Distillery Tours

 Coming up for the weekend Event. 

Do I need to book in advance for the scenic drives/distillery tours on the Saturday?

Persumably the scenic drives commence from the Fishers Hotel?  What time?

Interested also in attending the dinner if two tickets become available

Hi Ajs10s,

The scenic drives route maps will go live in the Spring Rally forum literally any day now. (in the forum page previosu to this thread there are some topics up top - route links will be posted there).

The scenic drives are at leisure, though there is suggested meeting at the Rally site on the Saturday to take in a few of the runs.

We have been offered a good rate on a distillery tour, just presnetly trying to work out how it can be administered, once we get confirmation of the tours.

If any tickets become available will post in thee forums first.  

Look forward to seeing you there!