Sat Nav Maps updates

Hi all,
I have owned my 2014 1.8i NC3 Sport/Venture fo about a month now and I have noticed the current maps displayed on my Sat Nav are out of date.
I have been informed I can get updates from
I have checked this site but it seems to only work with a PC and not a Mac?
Has anyone else had problems getting Map updates using a Mac?
What other options are there for getting map updates if any?
I believe there is a payment for the updates which I don’t mind paying but didn’t want to have to buy a PC.

Thanks in advance for you help.


There is a Mac version but it may not work with Big Sur when it arrives. It took them about a year to get it Mojave compatible!

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Thanks doger421,
Excuse my ignorance but what is the Big Sur?
Cheers for your help!

It’s the next version of macOS which should be getting released in the next couple of weeks I thinks.

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OK Thanks :slight_smile:

There are a number of places where you can buy updated cards which may be more economic than a download update, this is one such:

Link for illustration, need to check the version obviously

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Thanks IanH,
Not sure what is compatible ?
Would have been a great solution though, mine is for a NC3 2014 unfortunately older technology its an Alpine Nav system 6.1" touchscreen.
This is the original brochure picture.

I don’t know that one unfortunately, I’m sure there are others who have gone through this and maybe naviextras is the most straightforward route, I’d be tempted to work out the head unit model number and have a search for alternative options too though.

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Will do!
Thanks IanH