Satellite Navigation

  1. My model of MX-5 is: _mkiii Roadster 2011
  2. I’m based near: __Guildford
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: temporary locating a TomTom without screws in the facia.
    My solution so far has been to push the unit support into an air vent but it is not secure and can move or fall out on bends.

Hmm, I keep it simple, and use the supplied sucker to stick my Garmin to the bottom part of the windscreen just to the left of the binnacle. It sits low enough that the bonnet is higher in the eyeline. This also allows me to angle it down slightly for less reflection and better visibility, even with top down. It is by no means the best solution (which is replace the OEM head-unit), but it has a good view of the satellites, is secure and yet easy to dismount, and the lead dresses OK.

This pic is taken with the camera at about my eye height. The flat grey button stuck on the dash on the left edge of the pic is apparently where the previous owner mounted his phone, but I’ve no idea how that system worked.

I did the above attached to the screen but right of the instrument binnacle, it sat in the nicely.
There isn’t anywhere suitable on the dash apart from one of those round discs that stick down on the top of the dash.
Anyways I have a head unit now that does Waze or Google maps for navigation.

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I’ve the round stick on the dash thingies…just kinda works. I’d love a built in setup, but hate electrics and don’t know of anyone reliable enough to do the work locally to me.

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Im using my phone for sat nav in my 3.5.
I’m also using it fo hands free and for music via a Bluetooth gizmo that plugs into the power socket and has USB outputs for power and also to the aux in of the sound system.
I am using Google Maps with a downloaded map to avoid using data and avoid no-signal problems.
It works better than my Tom-tom for boot up and for directional response in use.
The phone is mounted on the dash with a magnetic mount that uses a very thin steel plate (supplied) glued to the back of the phone
The mount uses a lever-action gel suction pad that is rock solid on the dash as long as you leave it there for a bit before attaching the phone to it. Try and use it straight away and it falls off but leave it a while first and it is firmly anchored
Being on the dash its nicely close to your eyeline and nicely within reach
The mount is an Olixar universal magnetic mount and is highly recommended


I tried various self adhesive pads to mount my Tom Tom but nothing was successful, usually ended up with the Tom Tom falling off just at a critical point. I now mount it on a Tom Tom bean bag mount that is tie wrapped to the vent and wedged against the binacle. Never had a problem since and Tom Tom is perfectly positioned.

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Be aware that if you have any device supported on a bean bag (or any insecure mount), and you are involved in an accident/emergency stop, you potentially have a heavy projectile travelling at high speed directly towards your face.

Many people are injured every year by loose phones, sat navs and all others sorts of objects.

I have used a suction cup, which was fine apart from being untidy.
Also used a mount which locks into the cd player slot, this works well, and looks better, but not if you want to use the cd player.
Stating the obvious… new radio allows you to get one with a built in screen and android auto.

Ever since I’ve owned a daily driver with built-in sat nav, Bluetooth etc I’ve always wanted to upgrade the NC to the same.
At one point I had a plugin Bluetooth receiver (in the 12v socket) in turn that had a cable to the head unit as I could also play tunes from a usb stick from it too. Then when needed I stuck the sat nav to the screen, all messy cables again. To add to it I bought a dash cam too.
Enough I said, just get the head unit that does all that apart from the small dash cam up near the interior mirror, no more clutter and wires to try and conceal.

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Hence the reason the bean bag is securely tie wrapped to the windscreen vent and the sat nav suctioned down.

In general, in an accident the car will be stopping quickly - and the bean-bag will fly towards the screen, not towards the driver. That said, loose objects are hazard.

I have a 2013 Sport Tech with built in Satnav.
BUT, I go away with others to europe and other places where pre planned routes are done.
I use a Garmin Zumo 660 (Motorcycle one) because you can turn off recalculation.
So I used a genuine garmin dash disc (Good quality) which sticks on the the dash and then the sucker mount on the disc.
I didn’t want it on the windscreen.
As you know the sucker ones don’t stick on the dash.
The disc can be removed without damage if needed in the future (be careful).
Also, you can easily adjust the satnav on it’s mount for optimum viewing. Also in a better position than the built in one and you don’t need to take your eye off the road.
It stays there and never moves and have been on a few mountain passes and the wife has not had to reach out and catch it!
Couple of attached pictures for your info. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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My Olixar suction cup does stick on the dash!
The suction cup is gel and lever action.
You need to leave it there a little while for the gel to build up its grip but once it has, it’s rock solid.
It’s also very small and neat.

More good advice to choose from :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
(Would be interested in the gel suction cup mount link).

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