Save Donington Park

Has anybody heard anything of this, or has plans to go?

You thinking a North of England '5 roadtrip???


Yes - some interest on the YR Yahoo Group.  Shouldn’t be too hard to get a meet point, regroup at Moto Donington and a convoy in to Donington Park.  Will gauge interest after tomorrows Social and book the YR group in for parking together if thats still an option.

A few of us from WM are going, I’ve Emailed the organiser for a pitch.

There#s also a few of the MX5 Nutz guys going.


 I’ve had a reply advising that YR group will have a spot allocated.  I wonder if organiser will put the various MX5 groups together? 

Hi all, I’ve had an e-mail from Lee.  He is going to put the MX5 groups together, it’ll make it easier for them to organise.  So far we have 7 confirmed as attending from the WM (Phoenix Fives).  See you there.



 Is anybody (apart from me) actually going? My fellow YR members have dropped out as far as I know and it seems to have gone quiet most places MX5 related. Weather forecast is dry, bright, little wind, and a bit chilly (bit like me really Big Smile). So my and the good lady are on our way.


Cheers Col

Sorry chaps,

Stuck in negative equity with a student wife so money v tight, car SORNed in the garage.

There’ll be about 7 or 8 from WM region (Phoenix fives) going.  The organiser has put both our groups together so just ask security or the marshalls for the MX5 OC spot.  See you all tomorrow.