My computer that had windows 7 on it has died, and been replaced by a new one with Windows 11. I have managed to transfer all of the files etc on to my new computer OK but, I now have a problem with my Canon Canoscan5200F in as much I can not use it, I think I need the disc that came with it many years ago but I can not find, to download the programme to use it.
I don’t use it a lot but when you have not got the capability to scan, that is when I will probably need it.
My question is, does anyone happen have a copy of the disc that I could borrow so I could get it up and running again. Please bare with me as I am 87 years old in September and my memory is not so good these days.

Go to the main canon website and search for “drivers” for your model of scanner. Download, maybe restart your computer, all should be good.

I hate to say this but I think your scanner and quite a few of the newer versions are no longer supported by Canon for the latest version of windows or even windows 10.
If you already have the generic Microsoft scanner app installed for windows 11 you can try the oldest drivers from the Canon website but if it’s anything like the problem with printer drivers when windows 10 was introduced I don’t think you will have much choice other than to buy a new scanner or all in one printer.

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As mentioned above search the canon web site:-) see below. Many manufacturers won’t officially support old hardware on new versions of Windows, but invariably they work if you try! Regards, Peter

Hi alben,
I think you are correct, as I have tried everything that all of you, who responded to my call for help, suggested, and I can’t find anything that can help me. So it looks like I will be getting a new scanner next time that I need to scan something or get a family member to scan whatever it is and mail it to me.
Thank you very much to everyone who replied to my call for help.

One final suggestion, you could create a virtual machine running an earlier version of Windows - if of course you can find a driver for that version.

To be honest though with new scanners now not very ecxpensive is it worth the effort?


Wow…You Transferred Your Old Files :+1:

I Needed Norton to Take Control of My Dying Desk Top [Tower & Screen] to Get All Mine on a Memory Stick [Like on TV] for Use in My

New Dell Laptop

Meanwhile I’d Previously Purchased a Canon MG3050 Printer/Scanner from Tesco for about £20.00

It Does WiFi…

But…Also… When I Connected the Cannon USB Cable to the New Laptop…There Was No Need for a Disk

It All Happened Automatically :upside_down_face:

Ditto Memory & Not That Literate With IT and I’m a Lot Younger Than Your Good Self :saluting_face:

Don’t Know Whether Your New PC is a Laptop ?

The Advantages I’ve Found on a Laptop & the Canon MG3050 is I’m short of space and Have the Muscle Strength of a Gnat and Both are Very Light to Pick Up & Move


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Hi, my new computer is a Desk Top, not a Lap Top.

Oh Dear Alan

I fell into this trap too with my Hewlett Packard Scanjet 2100c scanner; where did those 20+ years go:-)
I spent ages trying to find drivers, etc before realising it was a lost cause that even the manufacturers have thrown the towel in on.
I now just photograph documents, etc with my Canon SX50HS bridge camera; not looked back.
I have been doing this for about 5 years and proved that a scanner, for the purposes of document scanning is no longer required. For photography you have freeprints.