Scenic Car Tours - Highlights Of Austria Trip Sept 2022

Has anyone else booked or are thinking of booking the Scenic Car Tours “Highlights Of Austria” trip which is to take place in September 2022?

We did this trip in 2018 with a group from north east mids, some of the hotels were different and we spent a full day in Ulm on the way and i’m glad we did, it broke the driving up a little and it was a very nice place to spend a day. The hotel in Kirchberg was very nice and there are plenty of places to drive out to, the grossglockner pass is a must its great, just keep an eye out for the traffic cops they are quite keen and good at hiding, overall we had a great time and made some great memories, we would definitly do it again as there is loads more to see and do.
The only 2 niggles really were the fly’s [we went in June, high summer] lot’s of them, and the rail service around there isn’t great, we looked at going to salzberg on the train for the day to give the drivers a rest but it wasn’t do-able. so we left Salzberg till next time.

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Hi Guys,

Thank you for your advice. The flies (midges?) bit was unexpected. Think we may take our Midge nets as tested in Scotland, just in case. Definitely going to do the Grossglockner pass as that is one of the main reasons for doing the trip. We originally booked for 2019 but have had to postpone twice so really hope we get to do it this time. Hopefully in the company of other members of the MX5OC.

Do you have details of that trip?
Not sure I’d be ae to do it if not sharing the driving …

I’ve PM’d you.

Not midges they were flies but it was 3 months before you are going and it was red hot weather, they were just a bit of a pain when you were eating, it may just of been an off year i don’t know. It certainly didn’t spoil a great holiday!!!
We stopped off for a visit to the mazda museum in augsberg on the way which was very good, the grossglockner was amazing we also went to a big waterfall i can’t remember the name but it was a nice place. We also went on the open chairlift just down the road from the hotel which i loved, my wife doesn’t like heights, up was no problem as you are facing the mountain but down was a different kettle of fish as you are facing away i’ll just say there were one or two naughty words.
It is a lot of driving the layover in Ulm was very welcome [the hotel had a car elevator to get to its car park.great.] And you wouldn’t be disappointed as there is plenty to see and do there.
As i said it’s a lot of driving but i’ll take my hat off, my wife drove the whole lot from Tamworth back to tamworth 2000 + miles [it’s her car] and she loved every second.


I’m definitely interested, single driver :grin:

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See you next year then all being well :crossed_fingers:

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subbed… looking at options to fit this in atm

I’ve just been told by the agent that there are 5 x MX-5 and 2 x other marques booked for this trip at the moment.