Scrap/Breaking Advice

So, we had a rather expensive weekend just gone…and nice new toy to pick up later this week hopefully!


It does mean however, I need to get rid of ‘Alice’ (1.8/Euphonic) who is currently SORN, due to siezed calipers and not being out off the drive for 2 months (unable to repair due to health reasons, normally I’d just get fixing but not this time).


Being brutally honest, its a breaking job unless someone has a lot of time on their hands, a welder, and fancies a heck of a project, its well beyond my abilities (and budget). 


What have people done previously? 


You are not feeling well so don’t even think about dismantling and selling parts it as certain parts will hang about for years and you are not fit.

Therefore advertise it here for a low prices and see if it sells or and this many have changed but due to the low price of steel scrap a scrap yard may well charge to take it away.

Or put it on Gumtree or ebay but expect a very low price.

Breaking might be an option once it gets warmer (recently discovered hands swell up like an allergic reaction when its cold…not fun) but not having done it before for others/sale bits, its a bit different to buying a donor and repairing your own from it, but as you say, some bits will hang around for years.

I’m cautious about selling it as a whole, unless it goes to someone who either has time/expertise to redo it properly, or wants to just break it and be done with. It looks like whoever had it prior to me just painted over a combination of filler and rust and called it “renovated”, a few more hearty jabs with the screwdriver have found more holes in the chassis, i.e. not roadworthy…

The seats/roof/bonnet/carpets are all in reasonably good condition, and the engine/drivetrain runs fine, it is literally just the actual chassis that’s knackered, if I had the space I’d strip those bits out and scrap the rest but the garage is full.

I’d just let it go as a whole, maybe trouser £4/500, and if I may be bold, look after you as No1. 

Sounds a good 'un for an Exocet from your description.

There you go!

That was dangerous showing me that exocet link…I showed my wife it and she just went “no…you arent having one…” as she knew exactly what I was thinking…as sorely tempted as I am by it, its gotta go to a better home (and to a kit car would constitute that!), I know that wasn’t the original intention of your post, but it got the cogs whirring in the old idea machine!

Have found a site/service that as long as the car starts/has major components they are offering about £500 for it collected, so stuff like engine/ecu/gearbox/axles/etc all intact and running, doesn’t say anything about ancilliaries/internals etc.

So that might be a cleaner option, especially if people want to swap bits off theirs that are dead/dying onto it, would have to either somewhere in the west midlands, or pop over.


I have had a slightly hair brained idea what to do with the leather seats, since they are in decent condition, my office chair needs replacing…and I can see that they would fit nicely in my office with some modification… plus it would ease the parting somewhat since lots of blood/sweat/tears have gone into it so far getting it mechanically fixed up.



If you can sell the running gear for £500 collected, do it - that is double what I would have expected and headache over as you know the useful parts will be used for good purpose.

Are you sure that this is not for something like an SVT sport with LSD, 6 speed box, big brakes, etc?

Leather seats are worth good money as they fit all MX5/Eunos cars 1989 - 2005 and other cars like triumph too.

A good set of MK2.5 black leather seats with no damage easy to sell for £200 - 300. 

Its a euphonic, so LSD, Big Brakes, Extra bracing, 2 tone seats/interior

I think whats a bit sore is I daftly serviced it before xmas (sparks/leads/oil/filter etc) and it started first time t’other day when I tried it (which is when I discovered cold does bad things now)


As a youngster, I went through a succession of Triumph TR’s, 4, 5, 6., and for quite a while would occasionally check out the TR Register forum on the internet.

I eventually got bored with long discussions about originality. ( whether a £80 reproduction bonnet badge for a TR5 is so much less preferable than an original that

sold on eBay for £504…etc ).

Anyway, I haven’t been there for a couple of years, but I’m fairly sure that ( for those not pedantic about originality ), MX5 seats were often mentioned

as the go to replacements for TR owners who wanted to drive long distances.



My Son and I spent 3 years of weekends building an Exocet.  Great project but don’t under estimate the cost and time required.  We still have bits of our Eunos in the shed that won’t sell, doors etc.