Scratches on Glove box😱

Another one for Friday. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of Scratches on my glove box please. There not deep. Thanks again.

Be interested in suggestions too, I have a couple of scratches which bug me but aren’t really enough to justify swapping it, plus never so sure how clean used ones from scrappers would be

Absolutely. Hopefully some fellow 5 owner has the answer. We will watch this space.

I don’t know if this will work, but worth a try, assuming the glove box is black plastic.
Try buffing it up using the black plastic bumper reviver for exterior black plastic trim, it helps to disguise minor marks and scratches to black bumpers etc.

Well I never!! It works👌I had to do it twice. Thank you.

Begs the question. Do you have a girlfriend/partner who wears high heels :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Well it’s not my wife’s high heels :sleeping:

The grand kids put scratches on mine with their shoes. I covered it with dark grey brushed steel effect vinyl wrap.

That’s a great result. I permanently got rid of scratches like that on my NC ‘A’ pillar interior trim with a hot air gun but you should practice first. Do it very sparingly and set to coolest and work up until you are confident. Maybe try on the back of a bit of the boot trim until you get the knack.

The air gun get’s rid of the majority of raised bits of plastic so a smoother finish is achieved.

I think it’s rather cruel of you to keep your cat in the car.

I misunderstood the meaning of a cat back system.