Scuttle Grommets Mk3

Well I bit bit the bullet and had a go at sorting this out. I had to wait 5 days for my fingers to recover enough to use them to type again !

Overall, it went well but the first problem was that the offside (drivers) wiper arm couldn’t be persuaded to come off the spindle. In the end I just removed the passenger side scuttle panel cover and removed the old grommet, replacing it with the new part I’d received from MX-5 Parts. Relatively straightforward and I used the Fernox sealant on the metalwork before and after putting in the new grommet. Only niggle is I only heard one click but the new grommet seems secure so I may check it after the next downpour to be certain.

On the drivers side, I lifted the plastics and the grommet was in much better condition although looking up from the footwell the rusty streaks were evident. Plenty of Fernox LS-X around the existing grommet and hopefully that did the job. Obviously on both sides I cleaned everything up with Grimex Wipes before applying the sealant.

So, my final decision is whether or not to tidy up the internal rusty brackets.

In essence, the problem here is very straightforward. Failed foam grommet gaskets and let water in. The solution is anything that preferably pre-empts the problem or failing that rectifies it. Good sealant would seem to be the way forward.

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Yes. With the benefit of hindsight I should have done it when I bought the car 4 years ago.

But going back to the question - would you tidy up the rusty brackets or not ?