I bought a car cover of a member from here and its been great so far. But today after 2 weeks of being on i find a cat has been using it as a bloody scratch post so it has gained a few breather holes shall we say​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Luckily the paint is fine underneath…

So as my motorbike occupies my garage I need a solution to stop my NA rotting away.

I only have space for something 2.5m wide max, which is a shame as machine mart do a fantastic portable car garage/tent.

I have found this solution below. What do you guys think ?

Or would I be better off just putting the hard top on leaving it out in the open?

I would put the top on and leave out in the open, I do.

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I would be more worried about what is underneath the car. If you can keep it on a hard surface (not grass or gravel) and get it raised up with blocks under the wheels to allow a good flow of air. Nothing better than a damp atmosphere for rust

Good point! I have addressed this point slightly by keeping the standard UK 4x4 suspension setup …


I like the idea. Isnt the car 3900 ish long though? Will this be long enough?

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I used one of these to keep my motorbikes in whilst I was building a proper garage. They really are very good for the money. You do have to make sure they are well secured to the floor though. I fixed mine to a couple of scaffold planks weighed down with a row of bricks. Sold it when I had finished with it for about what I paid so it did its job perfectly.

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Thats a good price, I looked at something like this to go inside my garage strangely. I keep my ND in my garage but it gets very dusty when left for a few weeks in bad weather. I thought about one of these with a small fan and filter blowing into it to keep it dust free. It’s a lot cheaper than a dedicated car bubble.
As pointed out it’s a bit small for our cars. Shame I like how easy it looks to open and close for drive in and out.

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Good point that :sweat_smile:

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The point made about air flow is really important. My other vehicle is a Triumph Stag and we all know what 70’s British steel and rust is like. I used an air chamber when I had to store in a poor quality council lock up. If you hood is good you would be better off cleaning with a good coat of wax, up on blocks preferably on solid ground (not grass or soil)

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