Seat Belt Relaxer Fuse

 Hi all,

I posted a few weeks ago as a new member and received some useful help on this forum.  I love the car and overall i’m very pleased with my purchase! Big Smile

However I would like some advice on the seat belt relaxer system on Mk 1 Eunos roadsters please (specifically a VR special).  When I bought the car I noticed that the seatbelts got slack while driving but tightened-up when you unclipped them or turned off the ignition and so I did a search on here and learned about the relaxer system that was fitted (I had no idea about this beforehand). 

Most peoples posts tend to suggest that the belts only slacken off a few inches and that they will re-retract during a journey if you hold the belt away from yourself - my passenger one seems to do this but the drivers one just gets slacker and slacker until the belt falls off my shoulder (not very safe i’m sure you’ll agree).  It only retracts if the ignition is turned off or if you unclip and then reclip the belt after feeding in the slack. 

So my 2 questions are: 1) is changing the unit that controls the relaxer an easy job (i.e. to keep the car original and make the drivers seat belt less lazy)?  2) Alternatively if I remove the 10A fuse in the auxilliary fuse box will it affect the operation of any other systems or literally just turn the belt into a normal, manually retracting one?  Both belts operate normally when the ignition is off if this is any help.

Many thanks in advance!



 Excellent!  Thanks for the info, i’ll remove the fuse pictured in the link and see how I get on.