Seat bolster repair

I’ve been trying (and failing) to find a replacement drivers seat for a while, as mine is non-airbag and whenever I enquire about cars being parted out on ebay the seat are either already sold, or they have airbags.

I’m now going look into whether having the seat repaired is an option.

Can anyone recommend any companies for this type of work?

Not sure where you are but MX5 City sometimes have seats for sale.

Good shout, I’ll send them an email :+1:

Why not buy a seat with airbags? They just wouldn’t work because you don’t have the wiring.

Depends where you are located?

Dave the Trimmer is highly recommended.

As others said, get airbag seats, just don’t plug them in.

Apparently it would throw up warning lights though…

How would the car know they were there?


Do you know where is Dave the Trimmer is based? I have an issue with the seat bolsters on my Discovery 2 that needs sorting.

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I don’t know…

But I really don’t fancy taking the gamble to find out they won’t work. I also don’t know if the connections will differ at all, assuming the airbag connections are part of the same single plug that’s present currently, it seems unlikely that they’d have a different/separate connector doesn’t it?

Near Bedford.

Or just Google ‘car trimmer’ with your town name.

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Try PM Sportscars

They have several sets of non-airbag seats, as well as seat parts.

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Plenty of seats here, message them. Log in to Facebook | Facebook

If your car seats are covered with wool material as opposed to leather you could DIY it. How? Find a lady whose has a few years of life behind her and ask her if she could darn the worn part with wool. In olden days we all used to darn the holes in our socks. My wife repaired my car seat about ten years ago and it is still ok, if you did not know it had been repaired you wouldn’t notice it.

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