Seat swap

I have bought a pair of heated leather seats from an NB 2.5 planning to fit them in my Mk1 1990 UK 1.6. I believe this is a straight swap although the height of the heated seats is a bit higher. My query is that the NA has seat belt stalks on the transmission tunnel and the new seats have the stalks on the frame. Can I simply remove the stalks from the new seats and kep on using the belts & stalks from my existing seats as they are? Any advice much appreciated.

You should be able to fit the 1.6 runners to the later seats, and thus make available complete NB runners and attached seatbelt stalks, and maybe claw a bit of money back.

I’m all for an easy life, so if I can just fit the seats as they are minus the stalks and use the exisiting stalks and belts that’d be mighty fine. The old runners can go with the old cloth seats which are in good enough nick to refit in another car.

What colour are the old seats? Post a photo or two if poss?




Hello Russ

They are charcoal grey. Slightly faded but in incredibly good nick for 28 years old. Will trey to take some pics later. Jeff