Seatbelt won’t retract

On my mk3 seat belt’s won’t retract. I’ve bought 104 spray. Sprayed it both sides of belts and where the belt hides :face_with_hand_over_mouth: made no difference. Any ideas please

The proper solution is to clean the webbing with a foaming cleaner and scrubbing brush. Silicone spray doesn’t address the issue.

Many thanks. I’ve wasted £13.50 on a can I bought from Germany. Really must research :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

And change the seatbelt guides (if it’s an NC1) to the later design.

I’ve got an idea to get an extra turn on the belt, but need an old one to prove the theory.
The webbing is held on to the the drum with a plastic insert, I’m convinced I could remove the webbing, turn the drum one more turn and refit the webbing.

have a look here:
Seat belt retraction. Or lack of… - Technical Area / Body, Interior & Styling - MX-5 Owners Club Forum (
Cutting this bit off did the trick for me. Still a bit slow but does fully retract