I want to replace my MK3 seats with later MK3.5 seats. Tried to remove the seat but can’t work out how to remove the cable  from the airbag sensor as when the seat bolts are removed, I can’t quite lift the seat enough to be able to see. I am probably missing something obvious. Also, is it a good idea to disconnect the battery whilst doing this? Asked my local garage to help but they refused as it might affect airbag perfomance.

Can’t help with your specific problem on the seats but with regards to disconnecting the battery it’s definitely a good idea. You wouldn’t want an airbag going off in your face!

Be very careful when disconnecting your airbag systems, you must let a period of around an hour go by (but take some advice from an autospark) after you’ve disconnected the battery as there are normally capacitors built into the firing mechanism that need to have time to fully discharge. If you disconnect the battery and immediately disconnect the wiring to the seat airbag it could all end in tears!

Best of luck!



Thanks for that. Guess it will have to be the Mazda dealer!!

If you leave it alone for 24 hours after disconnecting the battery you will definitely be ok.