Seeing out an independent valuation for insurance

Hi, I’ve just taken out a multi-car insurance policy with Footman James but as part of this they require an independent valuation of my 2013 NC to support my agreed value estimation for the car and it’s mods (supercharging, coilovers and a bunch of other stuff). BBR would be the natural choice as they did all the work but they are not allowed to provide it for that very reason (not sure of the logic there but that’s the insurers rules)

Looking on the forums this has come up before where it’s been mentioned that a club Area Coordinator or other club official can at their discretion supply this - being based in Warwickshire I thought I would ask here in the West Midlands area group to see if this was something anyone might do for me?

According to Footman James it’s essentially just a very brief testimonial on letter-headed paper/pdf that car XXX with mods/work YYY is in your opinion worth ZZZ - either based on photos and details I can email or if felt necessary seeing the car in person.

Is there anyone here who would be suitable and willing to help me out with this? Or suggest where else I might look?

many thanks


Can you not go to a independent MX5 repairer. Then get them to do a valuation .May make it more easy that way.

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