Selling my MX5 at the rally

I want to (try and) sell my MX5 at the Rally. Last issue of STHT said this can be booked for a nominal fee via the Club Store. I can’t find the relevant item. Is it still possible to bring cars and parts to sell at the rally (hopefully without being made to feel like a pariah as at Donington).

Based on lack of response and only a week to go, I’m assuming this year there is no organised owner autojumble, and owners will be free to set up their own pitches with bits and bobs.

Do you have another 5 in the wings Saz?


I already have 2 MX5s; I’ve decided to let the S-Limited go. 1 tiny garage, and the S-Limited is stored 100 miles away means it never gets used. I just no longer have the time anymore to indulge in cars as a hobby, and its time to let that side go. The S-Special I expect is pretty worthless given the mileage on it, so I’ll keep that one. The funds would be handy to refurbish the tiny garage, and maybe get a scissor lift.

Would it be rude to ask what you are asking for the S Limited?


Wondering whether a second car could be a great donor vehicle,






Forgive me I don’t know why but I got the impression it was an unfinished project and not a 99% restored car. I would not break up such an amazing car.


It looks awesome.


I would like to have a good look at the car next Sunday if that is ok.



Saz I didn’t happen to catch this in the past day, things for the Rally are just a bit busy… a little less attitude would be more helpful at this time.

We have had a shift of a few of the set out plans over the past week which leads to a few things having to have been withheld as it was unclear if we can even fit them in.

Cars for sale and Autojumble pitches will be available without charge - but a pass will be required for direction on arrival.

I’ll do a specific post on this tomorrow.

No attitude from me.