September rally

Is there going to be a newly elected competition coordinator in attendance at the September Rally?


Paul Giles

there will be somebody coordinating the competitions in September.

Here’s hoping the new coordinator is someone experienced in showing / judging so as to avoid the problems of the past.

a past that as the previous coordinator you were part of? perhaps a thought of rephrasing that?

If deemed inappropriate then a ‘PM’ would have been the best approach on this rather than a negative post. 

here we go again, and members wonder why I resigned from the post.

That is the problem with internet statements.

Perceiving what is written is not always what was the ‘intended message’.

the reason I posted about the competition coordinator was simply to find out if there was going to be a proper competition or another show and shine. the problem with show and shine is that all Mk 1cars are in the same category so people like Ian Cummins will win every time where before when Mk 1 cars were split into different categories : every day, lightly modified etc. every body had a chance. I appreciate that is all a bit of fun, but there isn’t any fun knowing you don’t stand a chance of winning.

proper competitions, that’s the plan.  Hope that helps… 


Also, don’t forget, there are other cars out there! Mk2/2.5, mk3/3.5/3.75 and the latest iteration, the mk4 which from what has been said previously, will be eligible for the competitions too




Not helping at all. Members and Competitors are eagerly awaiting news of the ‘Plan’

And MK1 non UK Special Editions (perceived unworthy by some as grey imports) … Mines a Black Import  and I am proud of it even though the seat leather looks like it has minor cracking after 27 years.


I would love to take part in the Competition if the category accurately reflects the entrants. 


I look forward to reading all about the plans and I am excited about taking part.