Service, for a complete novice!

I have an NB, and a garage with a pit, and a tool kit, and a torch. My previous mechanical skills peaked many years ago when I changed a set of spark plugs on my Toledo and hit the bendix with a hammer to get the starter motor to engage. How difficult would it be for me to do a basic service on my MX5 - and indeed, what constitutes a basic service??


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Have a look here Member Downloads - MX-5 Owners Club ( There is service check sheets and a number of specific guides for your model to help you.

It is not rocket science so why not have a go, not only may you save money but you should get some satisfaction as well. Win, win.


Hi K6chris, short answer, pretty easy.
For serviceable items I’d start with an oil and filter change.
Air filter is easy on a standard car.
Plugs, leads are also simple and all things you could do with your facilities.
Brake pads and discs are simple even with a fairly basic tool kit.
Like many of us you might even enjoy it and have fun.

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One thing I would recommend is that if you’re going to do an oil change on the gearbox and/or the rear diff make sure you can remove the fill plug before you remove the drain plug.
You don’t want to end up with an empty box and no way to fill it.


Use a proper spark plug wrench with the rubber thingy that grips the plug. :wink:
Or…erm…lots of swearing, nashing of teeth, and rending of shirt cloth if it drops…
Plus…be very careful not to cross-thread the new plugs going in.


Sounds like the voice of experience :wink:

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The most basic service is to change the oil, and oil filter.
I have a NA 1.6.
The position of the oil filter is not the most accessible.
I’ve found the best implements to be…
3/8" ratchet drive.
75mm extension bar
Metal cup to fit over the filter.

The oil filter is in a pig of a place, I usually take the fuel lines off to stop me slicing my arms on the pipe clips, mark one of the pipes up with tape so you don’t mix them up.
A bit of fuel will come out so best done on a cool engine just to be safe.