Service overdue notification

Service overdue… not sure when I’m going to be able to remedy that!

Interestingly Volvo have extended service and warranty periods by 3 months. Hopefully Mazda will do something similar.

I had a text message from my dealer to tell me mine is due soon. I’m guessing it’s auto-generated, but i’m waiting for my dash light to come on too

You can turn it off if it annoys you, but obviously don’t forget to have it done as soon as you can, (no offence). A matter for your good selves whether you do or not.
Mazda I know set a window “around 1 Month” before and after your service is due.
Warranty issues… Your main dealer can only answer that one really, best by email or writing to cover yourself.
To put your mind at rest. Current synthetic engine oil is really marvellous stuff. It will last well past your service interval, (In my opinion). Likewise OEM oil filters are also robust and good quality. Quite easy to change if really worried. Again, it’s the warranty issue (if within the time frame) and you always have it done at a main dealer.

To turn off. (Should work).

  1. Press the push-button start button twice, with your foot off of the brake.
  2. Navigate to the “Applications” menu on the MAZDA CONNECT™ infotainment system.
  3. From the Applications menu, scroll down and select “Vehicle Status Monitor.”
  4. Select “Maintenance” from the following menu, and then “Oil Change.”
  5. Select “Reset” from the oil change menu to reset the light.

Keep safe and looking to get out soon.

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Mines got it’s knickers in a twist and wants a service at 6 months! My Mazda says due at 12! I was told 12 when I bought it. Possibly someone played with the settings when it was the showroom display car. I may have to go and play with the infotainment on the drive…

Actually, as it only displays it’s nearing due and we’re way past six months I think it’s the mileage it’s mithering about for some reason. Well the mileage has gone from averaging over 1000 a month to virtually none.

Also the display seems to want the tyres circulating. Wondering how to do this without a spare or a four-post lift? Does anyone bother?

Interestingly looking at the full online manual, nearly everywhere except Europe the first service IS at 6 months. It’s the same engine, same oil and presumably similar driver profile, okay the environment can vary but it does between Southern Greece and North of Sweden too; so why the discrepancy?

Worth checking to see if your dealers are open I had a message from ford to say they were still seviceing mazda same workshop…

I received the following from Mazda UK on 25 March 2020 , the faq confirm if a scheduled service can’t be completed for to Covid 19 the warranty is still upheld provided not more than 1875 (random number…) miles are clocked up
In between:

As a valued Mazda customer, I wanted to let you know what to expect over the coming weeks on the rapidly changing situation due to the coronavirus outbreak.

We’re following government advice to the letter so our showrooms are now temporarily closed for car sales.

Our dealerships are permitted to remain open for essential servicing and repair work only; particularly to support key workers and customers looking after the most vulnerable.

The highest level of hygiene will be followed by our staff and every car will be appropriately sanitised to protect the health of our customers and fellow team members. We will continue to follow updated guidance on a daily basis and do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety and wellbeing of anyone who needs to make an essential visit to one of our dealerships.

Whilst we would like to offer the same level of service nationwide, the situation at each dealership may vary due to the availability of their team. Please check on your local Mazda Dealer Website “Contact Us” for the latest information on how to get in touch as well as opening times and services currently available.

We are constantly updating our FAQs on to help answer any queries you may have and we’ll be answering your questions on our Mazda UK social media channels.

For urgent matters, our Mazda UK Customer Relations Team are working 9am – 5pm from Monday to Friday and will try to respond to all customer enquiries as swiftly as they can via email at

In the meantime, we’ll be happy to connect with you on our Mazda UK social media channels to also bring some light relief and inspiration to our Mazda community during this difficult time, so please stop by and say hi.

Take care of each other and thank you for your continued support.

Your sincerely

Jeremy Thomson
Managing Director

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I do (and have access to a lift), I like to replace my tyres in sets of 4.


Also the display seems to want the tyres circulating. Wondering how to do this without a spare or a four-post lift? Does anyone bother?"

Hi, the easiest solution to switch your tyres is to take it to a garage, they will charge around £20 to do it. You always want your best tyres on the rear in any car, more so a rear drive one!

*Sorry can’t seem to quote a section properly.

…1875 miles…think that’s 3000 kilometres or thereabouts.

I got the automated service booking last month while the dealership was still showing as closed. Out of curiosity, I booked a slot to see what happened and they rang to confirm it was all booked in. No courtesy car and no questions as to whether I’m a key worker etc. In fact from the online booking system they had next day availability so I’m guessing that most of us have been assuming a service was out of the question.

NB. This predated the govt decision to open the dealers from June.