Hi, I’m looking for recommendations for a good garage in my area.   

Tried to book my car into Mazda Northampton on three occasions and never received a call back, so looking elsewhere 

Obviously they don’t want my money and I hate ?? customer service!  


I’ve not tried them myself yet but MX-5 Works in Leighton Buzzard seem well thought of -

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Sam Goodwin in Nuneaton - too far?


He’s alright to buy bits off, and if desperate, get you out of trouble (ie. slave cylinder on a saturday morning), but I’m less than impressed with some of his knowledge (replacing water thermister to fix an incorrect oil pressure reading…). Last I checked, his mechanic can’t drive a car due to epilepsy. Its just a greasy garage.


Sam Nuneaton is highly recommended; not far from Nuneaton train station, if you need to leave the car with him. I’ve used a few times over the years.


Avoid him like the plauge!

Couple of years ago he said I needed new shocks & that he’d old ones “in the back” that would do, I never took him up on that & a year or two later when back in Scotland went to a local garage who I use all the time now - mechanic was - “eh there’s nothing wrong with your shockers”! The thought alone of replacing shocks with worn ones is a really bad idea as well.

The “need new shocks” was when I was in getting the timing belt replaced - drove up to Scotland a day or two later & BANG! one of the spark plugs came out - had to join the AA at the roadside as was in the midddle of nowhere - an extra £200 charge! - two of my other spark plugs where lose - so if he can’t do the simple things like make sure spark plugs are tightened properly I’d not trust him to do anything.

Found out after all this that he is a self taught mechanic & used to be a car salesman - says it all really!

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Do not use this garage.They did my rear sills a few years ago,and after taking my car to a bodywork specialist,I had to get them re done Even my son,who has no real interest in cars,but knows whats right,mentioned at what a mess they looked.They replaced my water pump on collection,which started to overheat straight away and had to be changed again.Makes you think does it not.


Just to be clear are you talking about Sam or Works?


Sam Goodwin are very good they service my 29 year old Eunos and do work I cannot do, my NC3 has always been serviced at Mazda dealers but they are useless I cannot trust them anymore so it’s booked in at Sam Goodwins in a couple of weeks for a proper service.

I actually purchased my Eunos off them and never regretted it.


Thanks, narrow escape, as they would be nearest for me.


Slightly late, but for servicing I would recommend Northant’s Motorsport and CMC cars.

Northant’s Motorsport are also good for wheel alignment.

I’ve been to mx5works in Leighton Buzzard a couple of times and all was good…