Sewing Machine Electronics Help

Can’t seem to find a spare part like in the pics below, any electronics people can help please?

It’s the LED light unit from my OH sewing machine, it’s 12 years old at least.
It hasn’t failed but annoyingly flashes like it’s about to.
Could something else replace it with a light attached, the size is around postage stamp size.

The chances are that it is simply a bad connection, usually the soldering to the socket pins, or equally likely within the crimped wires to the plug.

But it is also possible the 1K Ohm 0.25 Watt resistor is becoming intermittent. It gets warm, so maybe another will cure the problem. 1K Ohm again but 0.4 Watt or 0.5 Watt instead of the one in there at the moment.

If you don’t know how to solder small stuff like that, seek out someone who can.

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There’s not much on that. A small bridge rectifier, a 1k resistor and 2 LEDs. I agree, resolder the joints as a first. If that doesn’t resolve it all the bits are as cheap as chips. Until a year ago Maplins was your friend but now eBay I guess.

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Thanks both I’ll have a poke around on eBay.
Nothing lost if I can’t get it fixed or I make it worse, it doesn’t work at all. Missus has the idea to get a small LED light and attach it just under the work area on the machine.

Bicycle led??

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First question, what are the markings on the four legged black lump?

Second question, have you tried a sewing machine repair agent? You may be surprised at the cost. My wife has a Bernina machine. About two and a half grand if we hadn’t bought it very lightly used second hand. There’s a rotary controller that was playing up and the circuit board was replaced. A much more complex board than yours and the part was only around £30.

Try our local shop. Coulings in Lincoln. Small shop but been established for years and sell huge quantities of parts supplies via eBay. Very knowledgable. Give them the make and model of the machine and if anyone can help they can.


I may have a solution, a member has kindly offered to look at it for me.

It’s a Silver Viscount, not knowing much about these (well infact sewing machines in general) this brand wasn’t sold widely, only by a few retailers and now it seems not available.
Looking for parts like this I’m drawing a blank, usual stuff like the attachments sewing foot etc yes available.

Thank you for the link, I’ll contact them if needs be and pass it over to my wife, she may find it handy in the future.:+1:

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