SG Petch 30th anniversary meeting. Darlington

SG Petch are arranging to meet at their McMullen road dealership in Darlington for owners of MX5s on Friday 18th May at 11.30 am to leave at 12 for a drive out to Whitby Abbey have lunch and return to McMullen road at 5pm. This is to celebrate been a Mazda dealership for 30 years. Look on their facebook page for more details.


Nice to see a dealer going to some effort, my local Carnold Ark doesn’t do anything…

My first 5 which was bought through a broker (Transmar Cars) came from SG Petch on the back of a trailer.

Hi like you say great idea and nice to see a local dealer getting involved  but why on a Friday when most of us have to work during the week, pity its not on the weekend ,  

I was on holiday when this event took place , would have loved to have been part of this run as I love Whitby . Enjoyed all the pics put on Facebook see you all about regards Richy Top down always 

A fantastic day with hospitality that would be hard to beat. Thanks for posting this on here as without it we would have missed a treat.