Short shifter MK3.5?

Hi members,ive been searching everywhere for a short shifter to fit my MX5 but there doesnt seem anything past the MK.2 model.Ive even been on the US forum but with no luck.I would have thought it would be a popular item especially with the notchy box.Has anybody seen them advertised in Japan maybe?  

Cobalt do one for 3 . Not sure if its OK for 3.5 or not, however it gets poor reviews.
There is a company that does an rx8 short shift (petite racing or something) who do one for the mx5 however its proper money and not worth it IMO.
Get yourself a heavy shift knob either a j barone or sure that weigh 600g or above and that helps with the changes big time.


I have a short shifter that is only 12 months old and is from my Mazda RX8 R3 09 plate which I am currently selling.

The R3 has the same MX5 gearbox and the short shifter fits and works well.

Lee if your interested let me know and I will speak to Robbie from Petit Racing and I will see if it is ok to be used in a 3.5 MX5. I have a MK3.5 now but want to leave the shift as std.




Hi Mark,thanks for that.If it will fit then id be interested.Thanks Lee. 

 Hi Mate

I have posted up on traders section of RX8 forum for Pettit Racing to answer so hopefully should know soon and will let you know.




 Sorry for the delay

I have been told that it will fit but with some sort of modification but not really sure what it entails.

I will see if I can find out more fore you…that is if your still interested.






 Hi Mark,sorry ive been working in the desert!!I fitted a weighted gear knob and it seems to drive a lot tighter now.Thanks Mark.

Did you go with one of my recommendations or a different one?
Would be interested in your choice :slight_smile:

 A friend of mine got it in Japan on a stopover.It was all in Japanese so i havent got the foggiest lol